Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Abolish Personal Law
I am happy that my friend Sadia Dehlvi has called for abolition of personal law in her article published in the centre spread of TOI today. I have  said this several times.
 Islam spread from Spain to Indonesia because of its great message of equality. But Sharia treats women as inferior to men. For instance, the right to oral talaq is granted only to husbands, not wives. Hence Sharia is unislamic
Khula divorce by wife is only permissible if the husband consents, but he may not, whereas oral talaq by a husband does not require consent of the wife

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Of all fruits, I like mangoes the most. Recently I ate some. I remember when I was young I used to eat a lot of them, but then they were cheap.
 The great Urdu poet, Mirza Ghalib, used to enjoy eating mangoes. When asked to comment about mangoes, he said " They should be sweet, and there should be lots of them ". There is also a story about how he persuaded the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, while strolling with the Emperor, to send him some mangoes from the Emperor's gardens, by appreciating them and wishing that his name was written on some of them ( see below )..
My own favourite variety is chausa ( which comes at the end of the season ) and is very sweet, though I like langda and dussehri almost as much.Dussehri is grown mostly in the Avadh ares ( Lucknow, etc ), and langda in eastern U.P.( e.g. in Varanasi ),  Bihar and Bengal.. Alfonso, too, is one of my favourites, though it is mostly available in the Bombay area. There are several other excellent varieties too in different parts of India, and I may be forgiven for forgetting their names..
The Nawabs of Avadh were very fond of mangoes, and cultivated huge orchards in Malihabad near Lucknow ( from where the Urdu poet Josh Malihabadi came ), and other places.
 When I was a Judge of the Allahabad High Court, I was Administrative Judge inter alia of Amroha ( home town of the well known film director Kamal Amrohi, Urdu poet Rais Amrohi, etc ). When I went there on an inspection I was offered some very sweet mangoes, and was told that the word ' Amroha' is derived from the words ' Aam' ( i.e. mango ) and ' Rohu ' ( a variety of fish ) found there .
 I thought mangoes are only found in North India, but when I was the Chief Justice of Madras High Court a colleague of mine presented me with a box of mangoes of a variety called ' Imam Pasand '. They were very sweet. Later I learnt that there were many excellent varieties of mangoes in South India.
 When I was in London I ate some very sweet mangoes coming from Pakistan and Bangladesh. I forget the names of the varieties. But I got none in USA. I asked why chausa, langda, dussehri, etc were not imported in USA, and was told there are some restrictions by the Food Controllers there
Bangladeshi immigration into Assam
The previous post drew flak to me from many Muslims because I advocated a Uniform Civil Code in India and abolition of burqa and oral talaq.
 Now I am sure this post will draw flak to me by many Hindus. But that does not matter. I am not in a popularity contest.
 Most of the Bangladeshis who migrate to Assam are very poor people who think they have better opportunities in Assam to make a livelihood. They do not migrate to make Assam a Muslim majority state.
 Normally, nobody likes to leave his home region. But if it becomes very difficult to survive there, he may have to do it. For instance, many Europeans migrated to America from the 17th to the early 20th centuries for various reasons. Irishmen migrated because of the famines in Ireland, and persecution of Catholics by the British rulers. Germans, Russians migrated because jobs were available in large numbers in USA because of its rapid industrialization. Jews migrated to avoid pogroms, like those in Russia etc.
 Similarly, the poor people in Bangladesh migrate to Assam purely for economic reasons, in other words, to survive and get a livelihood. It has nothing to do with religion.
 Evidently a huge propaganda campaign was launched that Bangladeshi immigration is due  to religious reasons, and to make Assam a Muslim majority state, and this propaganda led to the election landslide results.
 Even if it is true that the percentage of Muslims in Assam has risen, this is because of greater poverty among Muslims. Poor people have more children, because there is little investment in the children, and from an early age, even in childhood, the boy/girl starts earning. Hence to curtail population growth there is only one method, that is, to raise the standard of living of people..
 The new CM elect of Assam, Mr. Sonowal, has said that he will erect a barrier within two years to stop Bangladeshi immigration. But how can this really be done ? The boundary will alwqys remain porous. Even a highly industrialized state like USA could not prevent large scale illegal immigration by Mexicans above the border..

Uniform Civil Code

I am a strong supporter of a uniform civil code. All modern countries have a common law for all citizens, and India must modernize if it is to progress.

 It is stupid to say that if sharia is abolished Islam will be abolished. It is also stupid to say that Sharia was made by God. Sharia grew out of the feudal, backward social customs in Saudi Arabia in the 7th and 8th centuries. It is totally outdated today.

The old ( non statutory ) Hindu Law was abolished in 1955 and 1956 by Parliamentary statutes, e.g. the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, etc despite the strong protest of orthodox Hindu swamis and saints ( e.g. Karpatriji, Prabhudatt Brahmachari, etc ) who said that this will abolish the Hindu religion as Hindu Law emanated from the Vedas. However, that never happened. Hindus are still going to temples, doing puja, and observing their rituals, etc. 

So abolishing the oudated, feudal sharia will certainly not abolish Islam. Has abolition of the shariat criminal law e.g. abolition of the barbaric law of stoning women to death for adultery ( sangsad ) or cutting off the limbs for theft, put an end to Islam ? So even after abolishing shariat personal law, Muslims will keep going to masjids, saying namaz, etc.

  In fact shariat personal law has kept Muslims backward, because oral talaq ( and burqa ) have kept many Muslims backward.  Since women comprise of half of society, keeping women backward means plucking off one of the two eyes from one's face.

 Shariat was made 1400 years ago. Must society remain stagnant for 1400 years ? Must laws made in the 7th century be applied today though society has totally changed since then? After all, laws must reflect social conditions, and if social conditions have changed, so must the laws. In this age of cars and aeroplanes must one continue travelling on a camel ?
Some Muslims say that sharia was made by Allah. but the same argument was made by orthodox Hindus, who said that the old ( non statutory ) Hindu law emanated from the divine Vedas and so was unchangeable, and orthodox Christians who said that the biblical injunctions regarding marriage etc were made by God. All this is nonsense and humbug.

 Laws have to change as society changes. How long will stupidity be tolerated ? How can you have oral talaq, which keeps a damocles sword hanging over every married Mulsim woman, in this age of equality between men and women.? How can you support burqa, which is really keeping women in cages, in the modern age ? How can you say that if a woman is not wearing a burqa she is naked or in a bikini ( as many idiotic supporters of burqa contend ) ? Is a woman wearing a sari or salwar kameez naked or in a bikini ?

 I know this post will draw a lot of flak on me by many bigoted idiots, but so be it. I am a sworn enemy of idiots.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

True heroism
During the battle of Stalingrad on 28th July 1942 the Russian High Command issued its famous order no. 227 " Not a step back ".
 Later during the battle, General Yeremenko, Commander of the Stalingrad Front met Colonel Zholudev, commander of the 37th Guards Infantry Division ( which had about 10,000 soldiers ), and asked why the tractor factory in Stalingrad was lost to the Germans, thus apparently disobeying order 227..
 Zholudev, with a dark grim face replied in a low voice  : " Commander, the division performed its duty heroically, and without yielding an inch. Almost all our officers and men have perished.
 Week after week we were attacked, first by hundreds of German airplanes dropping bombs, then by heavy artillery, then by wave after wave of hundreds of tanks and then tens of thousands of German infantrymen. Nobody retreated an inch "
 Yeremenko realized that the order no. 227 had not really been disobeyed, and that the factory was lost only because almost all the 10,000 soldiers defending the area had perished while defending it. How could one accuse people who had died while doing their duty ?
 He then said softly, and this time without making any accusation " Yes, the war is cruel, and the enemy merciless "

Friday, 20 May 2016

Most people have got so excited about the recent state elections in India that they forget that these will bring no real change in the lives of the Indian masses.
Therefore in my recent fb posts and blogs I have focused on the central issue in India, which is solving the problem of unemployment in India.
  Economics is easy to understand if rationally and simply explained. Unfortunately our professional economists ( Professors in Universities, etc ), who themselves do not really understand the working of the economy, nor can give real solutions to the problems of recession, unemployment, etc ( the real and most important problems world wide ), have made economics a mysterious mumbo jumbo, much like Sanskrit shlokas chanted in temples and ceremonies, which no one can understand, so that people get all confused and remain ignorant
Abolishing Unemployment in India
In socialist countries the method of raising the purchasing power of the masses, and thereby rapidly expanding the economy and consequently abolishing unemployment, was broadly this :
1. Prices of commodities were fixed by the government.
2. These prices were reduced by 5-10% every 2 years or so
3. This resulted in steadily increasing the purchasing power of the masses, because with the same income people could buy more goods. In other words, the real income of the masses went up even if nominally it remained the same ( since real wage is relative to the price index ).
4. Simultaneously, production was stepped up, and this increased production could be sold in the domestic market, as the purchasing power of people was steadily rising.
5. This led to rapid expansion of the economy, leading to creation of millions of jobs and thereby abolition of unemployment.
During the Great Depression which hit the Western economies in 1929 ( it continued till the breakout of the Second World War in 1939 ) when about one third or more people in Western countries were unemployed and factories were shutting down, the Soviet economy was rapidly expanding and unemployed abolished by following the above methodology.
 Of course this was only possible in a socialist economy, where the problem was solved by state action.
 I am not saying that we must necessarily follow the method adopted by socialist countries. We can adopt any other method if thereby we can raise the purchasing power of the Indian masses and thereby rapidly expand the Indian economy, which is the only way of abolishing unemployment in India.. The central point, and therefore the main problem before India, is how to raise the purchasing power of the masses ? Do we follow the method of socialist countries, or some other method ?

Thursday, 19 May 2016

How to abolish unemployment
For millions of jobs to be created, the Indian economy must rapidly expand. For the economy to rapidly expand the real problem is not how to increase production but how to raise the purchasing power of the Indian masses.
 Production can easily be increased manifold in India, since we have thousands of competent engineers, technicians, etc and we also have immense natural wealth ( since India is a huge country ). The problem,however, is that our people are so poor that they have little purchasing power, and the inflation in food prices etc  in recent times has further reduced that. So the goods produced will not be sold.
 We have therefore to devise a system in which the purchasing power of the Indian masses rapidly increases. How that is to be achieved is what all serious patriotic people must figure out.
 But I do repeat, the problem is not how to increase production or get more FDI etc but how to raise the purchasing power of our masses, so that the goods produced are sold

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Making us a Laughing Stock
 Many people say that the mention of 'vimaanas'; or flying machines in several Sanskrit texts, e.g. pushpak vimaan in Ramayana proves that ancient Indians had developed the science of aircraft construction and aeronautical engineering. This would be in line with the Prime Minister's statement that in ancient India our surgeons could do head transplant and genetic engineering.
 However, the question then arises : If there were aeroplanes in ancient India, there must have been engines in ancient India, because an aeroplane runs on an engine ( or more than one engine ). Then why was the Mahabharata war fought with chariots and horses, instead of with tanks, self propelled artillery, and motorized katyushas ?
 It is true that there is mention of vimaanas in our epics like the Ramayana. But what is Ramayana ? It is an epic poem ( mahakavya ). In poetry a poet has, what is known as , poetic licence. In other words, he can exaggerate. So everything written in the Mahabharat or Ramayana should not be taken and understood literally.
 There were certainly no aircraft in ancient India. Even a child knows that the first aircraft in the world was invented  in Americaby the Wright brothers in 1903. It it is true that ancient  Indians like Aryabhatta had made some outstanding discoveries in science and mathematics e.g. the decimal system. Sushruta had invented plastic surgery in ancient India. But this did not enable a surgeon to do head transplant. Nor was genetic engineering invented by ancient Indians.
 Thus by mixing up the truth with falsehood, we dilute the real great achievements of our ancestors
 I regret to say that these ' champions ' of Indian culture are largely ignorant of our culture and the real great achievements of our ancestors ( see my article ' Sanskrit as a language of Science ' on my blog justicekatju.blogspot.in or the website kgfindia.com ), but by making false and empty boasts ( see my blog ' Mixing the True with the Untrue ' ) they make us a laughing stock before the whole world.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Modi's degree.
 I dont know why people keep harping about Modi's degree
 The relevant issue they should raise is whether there has been vikas, as promised by Modi. People, including the youth had voted for Modi in large numbers  because of his slogan of vikas, which meant creation of millions of jobs. I see none. Rather, unemployment has increased. So what has happened in 2 years is the reverse of vikas.
 This is what people should discuss.