Friday, 1 July 2016

Today, 1st July, is also celebrated as Chartered Accountants Day. The Institute of Chartered Accounts of India was created on this day.

Here I will deal briefly with the importance of accountancy in the new political and social order we have to create in India.

A genuine people's revolution is the incredibly complicated and painful process of the death of the old order and birth of a new social order, affecting the mode of lives of hundreds of millions of people.

This includes the country wide, all embracing, most precise and most conscientious accounting of the production and distribution of goods, and strictest accounting of every rupee of government expenditure if such a revolution is to succeed..

We have to have planned production and distribution of goods required for the existence and basic needs of hundreds of millions of our people. For this, a crucual thing will be the organization of the strictest and country wide accounting and control. Lack of accounting means embezzlement of state funds and waste of much of the labour of our people. So without strict accountancy we will not be able to create a new, just social order, in which the masses enjoy a high standard of living.

And this means we will require a large number of competent accountants conversant with the knowledge of the principles of accountancy.

But these accountants must be honest. Unfortunately today many ( though not all ) accountants fabricate figures to suit their masters. We have no need of such accountants. We must have only honest and competent ones if we are to attain our goal
Today, 1st July is Doctor's Day
I wanted to be a doctor, but somehow destiny took me into the legal profession.
A doctor is a healer, and a doctor's profession is truly a noble profession. But what is the scenario today about the medical profession ? What is the public perception of doctors ? Unfortunately it is a grim one.
While there are many upright doctors, a huge number of them have become totally commercialized, and only look for ways of making money by hook or crook. Ethics has taken a back seat for them. It reminds me of George Bernard Shaw's play ' A Doctor's Dilemma ' and Robin Cook's novel ' Coma '.…/national-doctors-day-greed-lack-…
Some doctors are hand in glove with pharmaceutical companies, and prescribe only the drugs manufactured by them. A few were even said to be involved in removing the kidneys of people, and selling them. Some prescribe tests which are unnecessary, obviously getting a commission from diagnostic centres. Several instances of malpractices by doctors are mentioned in the above link.
I remember when I was a lawyer in Allahabad High Court about 30 years back I was in a hospital where a doctor said he will operate on a patient to remove his appendix only if he is paid Rs.1000. The patient's family was poor, and could somehow collect Rs. 900, but the doctor refused to operate until he was given another Rs.100. I took out Rs. 100 from my pocket and gave it to the doctor, and only then did he operate. Is this observing the Hippocratic oath ?
Medical care is almost non existent for the poor people in India. There are many state of the art hospitals in Delhi and other cities, but can poor people afford to go there ? Private clinics give good treatment, but are exorbitantly expensive. And the less said about most of the govt.hospitals the better. Even AIIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi look like railway stations, no one caring for the poor people. So where do the poor people go when they fall ill ? They often go to quacks. Quackery has increased by leaps and bounds in many parts of India.
The great Hindi poet Rahim has written
दीन सभन को लखत हैं, दीनहि लखय न कोए
जो रहीम दीनहि लखय, दीनबन्धु सम होए
"The poor seek help from everyone, but no one helps the poor
He who helps the poor becomes like God "
( In Hindi literature God is often called ' Deenbandhu ' i.e. friend of the poor )
Doctors should be reminded of the great Dr.B.C.Roy, whose birthday it is today, and on which day Doctors Day is celebrated every year. He was awarded F.R.C.S. and M.R.C.P. degrees from England, and coming back to India had a roaring medical practice of about Rs. 50,000 p.m. in those days ( which would be equivalent perhaps to Rs. 20 lacs p.m. today ). But he gave it all up to take up a Chief Minister's job on a salary of Rs. 500 p.m. And even as the Chief Minister he would attend to poor patients for an hour or two daily free of charge ( see my blog on him )
Doctors should also take inspiration from the life of Dr. Kotnis who sacrificed his life in serving the Chinese people during their fight against the Japanese invaders ( see my blog on him ).
They should also take inspiration from Dr. Binayak Sen, an M.D. from Vellore Medical College who could have easily gone to America and earned tons of money there ( as many Indian doctors are doing ), but chose instead to serve the porest of the poor in remote areas in Chattisgarh
In defence of Justice S.N. Dhingra
When I was Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court S.N. Dhingra was the District Judge, Delhi ( in those days there was only one district judge in Delhi, now there are several ).
Being the senior most judge in the subordinate judiciary, he was in line for becoming a High Court judge.. Dhingra had the highest reputation of integrity and competence.
However, a very senior Delhi High Court judge was very inimical to him. I was told that this was ...because that High Court Judge's private secretary was appointed a special magistrate in Delhi, at that High Court Judge's instance. Dhingra exposed that special magistrate's alleged corruption, and took proceedings aagainst him. This so incensed the High Court judge that he wanted to obstruct Dhingra's elevation to the High Court.
That High Court judge was known to be close to the then CJI Justice Sabharwal. So I went to Justice Sabharwal at his residence and told him that it will send a very bad message if Dhingra, who has a very high reputation for his integrity and competence, is superseded and not appointed a High Court judge while his juniors are elevated. At this, Justice Sabharwal intervened, and Dhingra was elevated as a High Court judge, and he proved to be an excellent judge.
After his elevation Dhingra came to meet me, and I asked him what he would have done had he been superseded ? He replied he would have resigned.
Now a controversy has been raised by certain Congressmen concerning Justice Dhingra, who is investigating Vadra's land deals, about a charitable trust headed by Dhingra. This is his reply :
" Reacting to the Congress allegations, Justice Dhingra said, ' The trust is not mine. It was set up by former Punjab and Haryana High Court judge Gopal Singh, who did not have any child, and who donated his entire property to the trust. The trust runs a charitable hospital in Gurgaon. In 2011, after my retirement, I was approached by the other trustees to take over as chairman, which I accepted.

Sometime back, one Harish Chakravarty offered to donate some land to the trust to run a school in his mother’s name. Since a school wasn’t possible, the trust decided to start a skill centre to provide skill education to people, especially young children, of nearby areas. The trust spent about Rs 10 lakh to set up the centre. I wrote to the Gurgaon Deputy Commissioner to construct a road to the centre. Where is the wrongdoing? It is only for the benefit of the people,” he said.
I am inclined to believe Justice Dhingra

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Keep away from women
Seeing the silly behaviour of the NCW and female activists nowadays my advice to all young men is keep away from women and become brahmacharis.
Goswami Tulsidas has rightly said in the Ramcharitmanas :
" दीपशिखा सम युवती तन
मन जनि होत पतंग "
" A young woman's body is like a flame
So dont behave like a moth and get burnt ( by going near it ) "
Men have been ruined by women like Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Monica Lewinsky ( well, Bill Clinton narrowly escaped ), Christine Keeler, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Kaikeyi, Paro ( of Devdas fame ), Circe ( who turned men into swine ), etc.
So watch out, and on seeing a woman give her a wide berth
Hari Om
Plight of foreigners after Brexit
I sent this email to a young lady friend of mine, who is originally from Serbia, but has been living for many years in London :

" We are hearing of a lot of attacks and abuses on foreigners in England after Brexit. Is it true? Have you faced any hostility ? I wish to post it on my fb page "

This was her reply :

" There is a lot of scare mongering, I hear of some attacks, but have not witnessed or experienced any.

For my part, I refuse to participate in collective madness and chose to wait and see what actually happens "

The Jews also said this at one time in Germany
My fb message this morning to my young Pakistani friend Amile Gulzar who lives in Lahore, and his reply

Have you seen my appeal this morning on my fb page to all non Muslims to keep roza tomorrow ( 1st July, the last Friday of Ramzan ). I will keep roza myself tomorrow. I have also appealed to non Hindus to keep one day fast during Navratri. Please circulate it widely to all your friends. What was the reaction in Pakistan to my last fb post in which I put up your messages ?
Sent by Facebook Mentions

Amile Gulzar
Thats a really good move sir. Some friends have supported this stance and some have totally disagreed as they think re-unification is impossible, however, a confederation among these states can help in promoting peace. A friend was referring to the ' two nation theory' that calling it bogus is against the ideology of Pakistan . But I will respond to him by Jinnah's speech on 11 Aug, 1947 which in my opinion is not 100% in line with the concept of two nation theory . It is as follows: "You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the state."
Seen by Amile Gulzar at 7:51am
Solidarity Day
Tomorrow, 1st July 2016, is the last Friday ( called Jumu'atulvida ) of the Muslim Holy month of Ramzan.
My appeal to all non Muslims everywhere is to keep roza tomorrow as a mark of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters.
 Since several years I have been myself keeping one day roza during Ramzan, and have appealed to all non Muslims to do so. I will keep roza myself tomorrow.
 I also appeal to all non Hindus to keep one day fast during Navratri. In fact several non Hindus responded positively to this appeal made earlier. Let the roza be ordinarily kept by non Muslims every year on the last Friday of Ramzan, and the fast by non Hindus on he first day of Navratri. These days should be known as Solidarity Days
Some vested interests have made efforts throughout the world to paint all Muslims as terrorists and killers, when the fact is that over 99% of Muslims everywhere ( like over 99% Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc ) are good people.
The great French thinker Rousseau, whom I regard as my guru, said that almost all people in the world are good by nature. But the tiny wicked minority are often powerful and sow seeds of discord among us by false propaganda and through their agent provocateurs. So we must guard against that, expose them, and maintain our solidarity.
I myself am an atheist, but I am a strong supporter of religious freedom and solidarity of all religious communities.
Non Muslims should find out from their Muslim friends about the time of sehr, i.e. the latest time in the morning before which breakfast and water should be taken, and the time of iftaar, that is, the time in the evening for breaking the fast. In between you must not take any food or liquids. From the internet I could gather that in Delhi the time for sehr is 3.53 a.m. and for iftaar is 7.24 p.m.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Facebook messages from a young Pakistani
Facebook messages I received from a young Pakistani, Amile Gulzar, who lives in Lahore. It seems I have now quite a following in Pakistan, and many are now gradually approving of my idea of reunification.
We were befooled by the Britishers who by their wicked divide and rule policy and bogus two nation theory partitioned India, but how much longer must we remain befooled ? How much longer must blood still flow ?
Why is it that Pakistanis are now gradually agreeing with me ? It is because truth has great power. If what I say is the truth, it may not be accepted today or tomorrow ( because my idea may never have been heard of before, and so initially shocks people ), but sooner or later it will be accepted. Copernicus' theory that the earth goes around the sun, and not vice versa, was not accepted for a long time ( because it apparently contradicted the Bible ), but because it represented the truth, it was ultimately accepted.
We must reunite ( under a secular govt.).. We are one nation
I have taken Amile's permission to publish his name

Amile Gulzar
View Profile

Sir, if I become the Prime Minister of Pakistan; I would try my level best to re-unite india ,Pak and Bangladesh and mark a new history ☺️☺️

Sir hope you are doing great. I am a lawyer based in Pakistan. I am very much impressed by your knowledge and analytical skills. Allah bless you ... Remember me in your prayers :
Markandey Katju
Thank you. Do many Pakistanis follow me on fb ?
Yes Sir! You are a renowned personality.. My father is senior suprintendent of jail (prisons) nowadays posted at Pakistan's largest prison- central jail sahiwal. I usually discuss your posts with him as well.


Markandey Katju
Can I post your messages on my fb page ?

Sure sir! It will be a great honour
Markandey Katju
With your name ?
I reside in Lahore
Sent by Amile Gulzar at 10:37pm.
Am I an appeaser of Muslims ?
Some people accuse me of trying to appease Muslims. This charge is of course silly and false. Why should I ? I am not in politics, nor ever intend to be. I do not want the votes of Muslims. But I am against injustice to anyone
I often denounce backward and oppressive practices among Muslims, like oral talaq and wearing burqa ( just as I denounce backward practices among Hindus like the caste system and looking down on dalits ). Yet over 95% Muslims love me, because they know that if any atrocity is committed against Muslims anywhere my voice will be among the first to condemn it. Wherever I go where there are a large number of Muslims, many rush to take selfies with me on their mobile., and many surround me to express their love for me.
And it is not a matter of Muslims alone. I believe that no atrocity should be committed on anyone, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian or anyone.
In particular, no atrocity should be committed on minorities anywhere, because minorities, being fewer in number, are more vulnerable to attacks. Thus, I have condemned attacks and oppression of minorities like Hindus, Christians, Shias, Ahmadis, etc in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir ( i.e. Pandits ), etc. A hallmark of a civilized society is that minorities are able to live with dignity and honour. The great French thinker Voltaire condemned oppresion of the Protestant minority in France, by proclaiming ' Ecraz L'infame ' i.e. crush the infamy.
Article 25 (1) of the Indian Constitution states: “Subject to public order, morality and health and to the other provisions of this Part, all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion.”
Though an atheist myself, I have always supported freedom of religion, and the rights of religious minorities in India, because I firmly believe that a mark of a civilized society is that minorities therein can live with dignity and respect.
Christians are only about 2% of the 1.25 billion people in India. In January 2009 a case came before a bench of the Supreme Court of which I was a member, in which the allegations were that Christians in Orissa were being persecuted by right wing Hindu groups. It was alleged that about 50,000 Christians had fled from their homes, some had been killed, their houses burnt, and they were living in camps or in the jungle.
During the hearing of the case I remarked “We will not tolerate persecution of minorities. If the state government is unable to protect them it should resign. Article 25 of the Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to all”.
These oral observations had their effect, and the persecution of Christians in the State stopped, and compensation was awarded to those whose properties had been destroyed or damaged.
When I was a Judge of the Allahabad High Court a case came before me pertaining to some village in U.P. In that village the majority consisted of Muslims, while the minority were Hindu Harijans. A Harijan girl was gang raped by some Muslim boys, who were prosecuted. I awarded the accused harsh punishment, holding that since Muslims were in the majority in that village it was their duty to see to it that Hindus could live with dignity and respect, but the accused did just the opposite.
In India Hindus are a majority out of the total population, but they may be a minority in a specific area. It is the duty of the majority in every specific area to ensure that the minority lives with dignity and honour. So it is not only Muslim and Christian minorities whom I have sought to protect, but also Hindus and other communities where they are in a minority in a particular area.
Uniform Civil Code
To all supporters of Sharia I ask :
Where were the Muslims when the British abolished the Sharia criminal law ( e.g. stoning a woman to death for adultery, cutting off a thief's hand, etc ) and replaced it by the Indian Penal Code ? Did they rise up in revolt against the British in protest ?
Where were they when the British abolished Sharia in the tenancy laws in rural areas, and substituted a common code for all in the matter of inheritance, etc ? Were you cowards then ?
The British abolished 75% of Sharia as stated above. No one protested then.
But when it comes to abolition of the remaining 25% which contains the obnoxious discrimination against women e.g. oral talaq, you suddenly become brave.
If Muslims wish to move forward and improve their lives, they must destroy the hold of the reactionary, feudal minded Maulanas who objected to even the progressive humanitarian Shahbano judgment, saying it is against Sharia, and try to maintain their hold on the Muslim masses for their vested interests and vote bank politics.
A uniform civil code, as in all modern countries, is a must for all Indians