Sunday, 22 November 2015

Indian Journalists

Many of the top journalists in India have sold their souls to Mammon. They own huge bungalows, have huge bank balances, and have fancy chauffer driven cars. One is said to have aqcuired a huge house in Delhi reportedly worth Rs. 52 crores, another has a huge farm house near Delhi reportedly worth Rs. 50 crores.
 Can one expect objectivity and fair reporting of the real problems of the people from them ? Was Gen. V.K. Singh wrong ?

AAP's Delhi Car Free Day: another stunt

Poor, poor Arvind. One can obviously not blame him for resorting to stunts.

The real problems of the country, including those of people of Delhi, are massive poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, lack of healthcare and good education for the masses. The solution to these problems lie outside the system, but Arvind is within the system.

 So he is left with nothing to do except resort to stunts like Delhi Car Free Day
Hari Om

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Commission needed

Almost all Indian politicians are ‘goondas’ and gangsters. They remind me of the American Mafia, the only difference being that the American Mafia are small fries compared to our politicians.

Like the American Mafia, our politicians are hell bent on amassing wealth by hook or crook (more often by crook) and I wish them happy hunting.

However, I have an advice to give to our politicians, which may benefit them enormously, if heeded.

In the early 20th century the American Mafia leaders were fighting with each other, as a result of which ‘business’ (i.e. manufacture and sale of alcohol, which had been made illegal by the Prohibition law, gambling, prostitution, racketeering, murder of ‘undesirables’, narcotics etc.) suffered a lot.

Then in 1931, a mafia leader called Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano had a brilliant idea. He told the other mafia leaders that fighting each other was bad for business. So he proposed a body called the ‘Commission’ consisting of some top mafia leaders whose job would be to peacefully settle disputes between the mafia families.

I propose that a similar body be set up in India too for our politicians.

At present, much of the time spent by our politicians is on fighting each other. This way ‘business’ (i.e. looting the country, polarising society on caste and religious lines, etc.) suffers a lot.

Let a ‘commission’ be set up by our politicians (the membership and modalities can be worked out once the principle is agreed upon). This way disputes can be settled quietly and confidentially, instead of in the public gaze. The commission should also have power to authorise (as the American Mafia Commission has) of bumping off inconvenient politicians and other public figures, and persons who talk too much of rationalism, secularism, freedom of speech,  and against politicians  (like this humble self),.

Mulayam Singh Yadav's 76th birthday bash

Mulayam Singh Yadav's 76th birthday bash is being celebrated  on 22nd November.with fanfare.
 A lot of film stars, industrialists, and politicians are expected in this shindig.

 Crores of rupees will probably be blown up in this spree, when 50 of the 70 districts in U.P. are reeling under drought, and people are living in poverty and misery, struggling to earn their daily bread.

 In a poor country like India, is this  bachhanalia justified ? And are the high fly people coming there not behaving like shameless hirelings coming to a mujra.or carousal ?

The New Miracle Man

Just as Narendra Modi was regarded a miracle man at one time, and Arvind Kejriwal later, some people are perceiving and projecting Nitish Kumar as the miracle man now, the modern Moses who will lead India into a land of milk and honey.

 I submit that this is only a pipe dream, which will soon disappear. Leave aside the fact that the new Bihar government is saddled with the stranglehold of the RJD, and assuming Nitish is personally honest, what can he achieve ?

  The main problems of Bihar, as also the whole of India, are massive poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, good education, etc. I am afraid Nitish has no idea how to solve these problems.

 Take, for example, the question of unemployment. Now jobs can be created and poverty abolished when the economy is rapidly expanding. For that massive industrialization is necessary. There is no difficulty in increasing production, because India today has a huge pool of competent engineers, technicians, scientists,etc ( which it did not have in 1947 ) and has also immense natural resources. 

The problem is: how will these additional goods produced be sold ? People in India, including Bihar, are too poor and have little purchasing power, and with rise in prices of foodstuffs, etc this purchasing power has further been reduced. After all, the goods produced have to be sold, but how can they be sold when people are too poor to buy them ?

 So the basic question is not how to increase production ( that can easily be done ) but how to increase the purchasing power of the masses ?

 Under the Nazi regime unemployment was largely abolished by a programme of massive rearmament ( see William Shirer's ' Rise and Fall of the Third Reich ' ), which was financed by certain Western powers. But that is hardly possible in India today.

 The other method for abolishing unemployment was that adopted in the Soviet Union in the 1930s. At a time when Western economies were going through a depression following the Wall Street Slump of 1929, the Soviet economy was rapidly expanding. How was this achieved ? The methodology followed there was this : the Central Government fixed all prices of goods. Thereafter they steadily reduced prices of goods by about 5-10% every 2 years or so, and sometimes raised wages by 5-10%. In this way by state action the purchasing power of the people was steadily increased. When prices are reduced, the real wages automatically increase, because incomes are relative to the price index. Simultaneously production was increased, and the increased goods produced were absorbed in the domestic market, because the people had more purchasing power. But this method cannot be used under the prevalent system in India.

 So our 'miracle man', who like a good politician had promised 'vikas' during the Bihar elections, will be compelled, like Modi and Kejriwal, to resort to stunts and jumlas. But sooner or later people will see through these gimmicks, making him very unpopular.

Dark days are coming in India

Orthodox sociological theory states that the substructure ( the method of economic production in society ) determines the superstructure ( the culture, customs, ideas, laws,state institutions, etc ), and when the substructure changes, so does the superstructure.

 But in India after independence in 1947 in almost every state zamindari abolition acts were made, which meant that the feudal sub structure was largely abolished. Yet casteism and communalism, which are feudal forces, have remained, and even increased in recent times, as can be seen by the increase of intolerance lately. How does one explain this phenomenon ?.

 It is explained by the fact that the formula, that the superstructure changes with change in the sub structure, cannot always be applied mechanically without knowledge of the specific facts..
 In this connection the following facts may be noted :

1. The mindset of people and customs prevalent in society often do not change immediately following change in the sub structure, but persist even long after change in the latter. For instance, despite change in the economic sub structure by the advent of the Industrial Revolution, which began in England in the early 18th century, for a long time even thereafter feudal customs, e.g. the aristocracy and aristocratic customs and laws, persisted. It required a long historical struggle before the minds and customs in England changed and became modern. In France though industries had been set up from the early 18th century, great, arduous, ideological struggles had to be waged against feudalism by thinkers like Voltaire, Rousseau and the French Encyclopedists which led to the French Revolution of 1789 which smashed aristocracy, and even thereafter there was a temporary feudal restoration in 1815 under King Louis 18th.

2. In England and France modern institutions ( Parliament, etc ) and modern principles ( freedom of speech, equality, liberty, freedom of religion, etc ) were created in the course of long historical struggles in those countries. In India, on the other hand, these institutions and principles were not the product of historical struggles of our own masses, but were borrowed by a handful of our modern minded leaders ( Pt. Nehru, etc ) from the West, and transplanted from above on our backward feudal society. But our society still had a feudal mindset, and this does not change immediately. The result was that these institutions were gradually feudalized. For instance, voting in elections in most states in India today is on the basis of caste and religion, instead of the merit of the candidate. Was democracy meant to be run in this manner ?

 Equality is enshrined in our Constitution. But the caste system discriminates against sections of our people e.g. the dalits. Secularism is enshrined in the Constitution, but communalism is still widespread. So writing things in the Constitution will not by itself change society It will require a long arduous people's struggle to get rid of casteism, communalism and superstitions.

3. In England and France the state often played an educative role in modernising society. For instance the leaders who came to power in the French Revolution of 1789 were all anti feudal, and propagated anti feudal ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity, and of religious freedom.

 In India no doubt our leaders immediately after independence, like Pt. Nehru, were modern minded. But a few decades thereafter vote bank compulsions feudalized our politics, which today largely runs on caste and religious lines.. Also, many MPs and MLAs were former feudal princes, and they naturally brought their feudal mentality into the legislatures, thus degrading and feudalizing them.

 In recent times, the party which has come to power has Hindutva as its professed ideology. Far from playing a modernising role, it is doing the reverse by spreading communalism,which is a feudal force. I
t is common knowledge that the BJP is dominated by the RSS which is rabidly anti minority. So how can it play a modernising role ? In fact it is playing a highly reactionary role, e.g by installing RSS minded people in all institutions such as the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan, a BJP member, as Chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India ( FTII ) against which protests have been going on for long, and by  spreading reactionary ideas and hate speeches e.g. by Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti and Mahesh Sharma,  Union Ministers, Adityanath, an MP, Sangeet Som, an MLA, and Sadhvi Prachi , beef politics, etc thus pushing India backward. No doubt the BJP leaders often try to distance themselves from hate speeches and communal incidents like that in Dadri  by saying that the views of such people are their individual ones and communal incidents are not of their creation, and no doubt the Prime Minister sometimes delivers homilies advocating communal harmony ( though usually after a long time of incidents like the lynching of Ikhlaque ), but these are only for public consumption and to assuage the fears of foreign investors. The BJP, like a leopard, cannot change its spots.

4. I believe that some kind of fascism is inevitably coming in a year or two in which democracy, freedom of speech and of the press, and civil liberties will all be totally suppressed.
Consider the facts :

a. The present Indian government came to power on high expectations with the slogan of ' vikas ' or development. This meant, or at least was perceived as, millions of jobs for the youth, industrial growth benefiting businessmen and others, and general prosperity for the public.

b. We are now one and a half years since the new government came to power, but one can see no traces of vikas ( see my articles ' The Shape of Things to come ', ' Vikas ', 'Healthcare in India', ' Malnutrition in India ', 'Unemployment in India;, ' The Trickle Down Theory ', ' The Dream has evaporated ' etc on my facebook page and my blog ). All we have witnessed are stunts like Swatchata Abhiyaan, Ghar wapasi, Good Governance day, Yoga Day, etc. In these articles I have demonstrated that under the economic policies being pursued by this government there is bound to be further economic recession ( in fact recent figures show manufacturing and exports declining )  and further unemployment, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, farmers' suicides and poverty, though a handful of big businessmen may benefit. Prices of essential foodstuffs like dal and onions have already gone through the roof, and will in all likelihood shoot up higher

c. Consequently this government will become increasingly unpopular day by day, as people, especially the youth, get disillusioned and realize that they were befooled and taken for a ride by our superman who promised a paradise and Shangri-La in India with his accession to power, but have left people in the lurch.

d. This disillusionment and disenchantment, coupled with the terrible economic hardships and distress the Indian people are facing, with rising prices, rising unemployment, widespread malnutrition, farmers suicides, etc, is bound to lead to widespread and massive popular agitations, disturbances, and turbulence all over the country

e. To deal with these, attempts will first be made, as they have already been made, to divide the people on communal lines, and blame minorities for the problems, as Jews were blamed by the Nazis. One may recall that fascist regimes came to power in Germany and Italy in the 1920s and 1930s in he wake of massive unemployment and soaring inflation in those countries and the consequent popular agitations.

f. These attempts to polarize society will no doubt temporarily succeed, because unfortunately the communal poison which was injected into our body politic by the Britishers from 1857 onwards ( see my article ' The Truth about Pakistan ' online and on my blog ) and continued even after 1947 by some of our politicians, is still deeply entrenched. The truth is that today most Hindus are communal, and so are most Muslims. Since about 80% Indians are Hindus, Muslim 'bashing' is quite popular among the majority of our people. But ultimately the people will see through this game because in the long run food and jobs are more important than religion..The Jewish pogroms organized by the Czarist regime to divert attention of the Russian people from their economic problems by putting all the blame on Jews, did not prevent the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Massive popular agitations against unemployment, price rise, malnutrition, lack of healthcare etc will surely begin in India soon.

g. The rulers, threatened of being toppled and ousted by these agitations, will then impose some kind of fascist rule, suppressing all democratic freedoms and civil liberties, as was done in 1933 by the Nazis, and as was done by Indira Gandhi by imposing a fake Emergency in 1975.

 I am afraid dark days are ahead for India

The Truth about Arvind Kejriwal

It is the time now for the Indian people to know the truth about that phenomenon called Arvind Kejriwal, that 'miracle man',whom I had in an earlier post called a cunning fraud.

 As I had mentioned in an earlier post, voting is done by our people in most states usually on the basis of caste and religion. For instance, Mayawati has the scheduled caste vote bank in U.P. ,Mulayam Singh and Lalu Yadav have the Yadav and some other caste vote banks in U.P. and Bihar respectively, etc.

 What is the vote bank of Kejriwal ? He has none. Even the banias ( Vaishyas ), the business community, are divided, and moreover they are only 2-3% of the population. So where will Kejriwal get his votes ?

 Realizing this, like a realistic politician, he has targeted the sizeable Muslim voters. He is determined to get the  Muslim votes, at any cost. This is the reason why he rushed to Dadri to show he is a sympathizer of Muslims, why he supported the Mahagathbandhan in Bihar ( which was perceived by Muslims as anti-BJP ), and why he went to the extent of embracing Lalu Yadav, at the oath taking of the new Bihar government.

 Muslims were earlier Congress supporters. Their strategy has been to vote for the strongest non BJP candidate, and the Congress party was perceived by them as the only party which could prevent BJP from coming to power. But after the demolition of Babri Masjid they left Congress, and joined Mulayam Singh in U.P. and Lalu Yadav in Bihar. Later they again started moving towards Congress, but Congress became totally discredited because of the numerous scams under the UPA governments., and so Muslims, like other people,  stopped supporting it. They then looked for another alternative, and found one in AAP in the Delhi Assembly election of February 2015. So they voted en masse for AAP.

However, public memory is short, and now many people have forgotten the scams under Congress rule. And now the greatest fear of AAP, which has no other vote bank, is that Muslims may again veer towards Congress. This is the reason why Kejriwal is trying desparately to woo the Muslims and hold on to the Muslim vote bank..

 Kejriwal came to power piggyback riding on Anna Hazare's movement against corruption. But after coming to power he has shown his true colours, and become totally dictatorial. It is evident that he cannot brook criticism or dissent against him within his party. He ousted Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav, co founders of AAP, because they objected to giving MLA tickets to some shady people, and one suspects Kejriwal insisted in giving tickets to them as they had contributed a lot of money to the AAP funds. He allocated a whopping Rs.536 crores in the Delhi budget ( 21 times last year's figure ) for his self publicity advertisements in Delhi.

 Like Don Quixote, Kejriwal has surrounded himself with Sancho Panzas, who never criticize him.
As regards the major problems of poverty, unemployment, price rise, malnutrition, healthcare and good education, I am afraid Kejriwal has no clue how to solve them, except by resorting to stunts.. Of course he has promised many more schools and hospitals, but which politician does not promise the moon ?

I have carefully studied Kejriwal's speeches and writings, and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in the man.. Kejriwal has no scientific ideas about how to solve the massive problems facing the Indian people.

People of Delhi voted for AAP in February, 2015 because they were disgusted with both BJP and Congress and wanted a change, just as Indians voted for Modi in May 2014 because they were disgusted with Congress and wanted a change.

What is there in Kejriwal ? I think he is only a demagogue, who has no real solution to the peoples' problems, as people have themselves realized by now.

I read Kejriwal's book ' Swaraj '. In that book Kejriwal says that we must transfer power from Delhi to the gram panchayats and mohalla panchayats. This is sentimental nonsense. Everyone with even a little knowledge of social realities knows that most of such panchayats are hotbeds of petty caste politics and centres of corruption. It is general knowledge that officials ( or their kith and kin ) of gram panchayats have illegally grabbed most of the gram sabha land, which was meant for public use of the villagers ( as pointed out by me in my judgment in the Supreme Court in Jagpal Singh vs. State of Punjab, 2011, which may be seen online ), and often do all kinds of other misdeeds for the benefit of themselves or their kith and kin..What will transfer of power to such casteist and corrupt bodies achieve ?

So Mr. Kejriwal, your days in the Indian political scene are numbered. People have seen through your fraud.

Friday, 20 November 2015

The BJP reminds me of Narad Muni

Normally a person is called Narad Muni, if he tries to make people fight each other.. One of the glorious descriptions in Vishnupurana says, "Naram nar samuham Kalahena dhyati Khandayatiti." The one who is a fomenter of disputes among people is Narad
Narayan Narayan

The King's Tajposhi

When the tiger won the election of King of the Bihar Jungle, he invited all the animals in the Indian  forests for his oath taking ceremony.

 The animals came from all over India, like in Lord Shiva's baraat, some with a donkey's head, some with a dog's, some with a pig's, some with a jackal's, and all covered with blood.
 Tulsidas has described it graphically and picturesquely in Ramcharitmanas :

 कोउ मुख हीन,विपुल मुख काहू, बिनु पद कर कोउ बहु पद बाहू
विपुल नयन कोउ  नयन विहीना , रिष्ट पुष्ट कोउ अति तनखीना

Some creatures without a head, some with many heads, some without hands or legs, some with many hands and legs, some with many eyes, some eyeless, some very fat, some very thin.

खर स्वान सुअर सृकाल मुख गण वेश अगिनत को गनै
बहु जिनस प्रेत पिशाच जोगि जमात बरनत नहिं बनै 

Creatures with faces of asses, dogs, pigs, and jackals. Who can count their dresses ? Many kinds of ghosts, demons and yogis came. It is not possible to describe them all

Tulsidas forgot mentioning the cobras, black mambas, crocodiles and commodo dragons, but I am sure they were all there.

All these creatures ( i.e.netas of different parties ) have come from all over India to witness the tajposhi of our King. Long live the King !

The new Bihar government

The new Bihar government in the new Bihar govt. taking oath today
45% Chief Minister will be Lalu Yadav
35% Chief Minister will be Nitish Kumar
20% Chief Minister will be Congress
 A beautiful creature is coming into existence,straight from Juraissic Park