Monday, 26 September 2016

Blut und Eisen
After Prime Minister Modi's widely acclaimed Kozhikode speech, in which he loudly declared that the perpetrators of the Uri attack will not go unpunished, and his Man ki Baat, as well as the heroic and valiant efforts of our TRP driven media, which no doubt will win all our wars for us without the need of any soldiers, I have no doubt that Sushma Swaraj , our illustrious and matchless Foreign Minister, will deliver a brilliant address at the United Nations General Assembly today, completely exposing Pakistan's devilish nature.
However, unfortunately for Modi and Sushma, times have changed. As the renowned German Chancellor Bismarck said while addressing the Prussian Landtag in 1862 " The great issues of the day will not be decided by votes and speeches, but by blood and iron ( blut und eisen ), "
Hari Om

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Isolating Pakistan
I saw a lot of panel discussions just now on several TV channels by 'experts' on how to deal with Pakistan.
Some of these geniuses called for 'isolating' Pakistan, as if it was some kind of man eating tiger which had to be cornered and shot by a Jim Corbett. Others spoke of getting Pakistan declared a terrorist state by the international community, still others spoke of scrapping the Indus Water Treaty, etc. Some said we should use a combination of several measures, diplomatic, economic and military, etc.
These geniuses do not realized one thing : all this talk of isolating or quarantining Pakistan overlooks a crucial factor, which is a super power China. China is solidly behind Pakistan, as it has huge economic investments in that country, particularly in the Balochistan area which is very rich in natural resources.
We may keep thumping our chests and trumpeting about our great diplomatic victory over Pakistan, but it is all a sham. China ( and maybe some other countries ) having economic interests in Pakistan will never allow it to go under.
The hype by our TRP driven media is all empty gas, ' full of sound and fury signifying nothing '.
The shape of things to come
I can accurately predict the shape of things to come in this sub continent.
Within a few weeks, there will be another strike in Kashmir by militants on our security forces ( whether on our army or para military forces) , leaving many of our men dead and/or injured.
And again our brave Prime Minister will give a fiery public speech denouncing this as a ' cowardly act ', and stating that the perpetrators of this horrible deed will not go unpunished....
This will be followed after a few weeks by an even deadlier strike on our securitymen killing more of our men, and an even more fiery speech by our P.M.
And this beautiful game will go on ad infinitum.
On what basis do I predict this ? Consider the facts ;
1. We have about 500,000 security personnel in J&K. These surely have to sleep, eat, go to ease themselves, etc, and cannot be on guard all the time. Moreover, they are spread out, and cannot possibly be all concentrated at one place.
The militants use the guerilla tactics of hit and run, like the Chinese did in their revolutionary war, or like the Vietnamese in their war against the French and Americans. They carefully study the habits of our securitymen, and then attack when the attack was least expected, like Francis Marion ( known as the Swamp Fox ), or like George Washington's attack on the Hessians after crossing the Delaware . They have the advantage of choosing the time and place of the attack.
2. The Kashmiri militants are getting sophisticated weapons from China, Pakistan being a conduit, just as the Vietnamese were getting weapons from the then Soviet Union and China.
3. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, China has become the second super power in the world. With its huge 3.3 trillion dollars foreign exchange reserve, it is hungrily seeking markets for investment to capture and cheap raw materials for its growing industry, like a typical imperialist power. Its only big rival in Asia is India. So it must destabilize and weaken India, and for that it is using the Kashmiri militants as its pawns, and Pakistan, which has become its surrogate, as a conduit
So Indians, prepare for more strikes which will kill more of our soldiers, and follow Kabir's advice " Jo toko kaanta bowe, tahi tu boye phool ", or Jesus Christ's advice " If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn the other one towards him too ".
And as for fighting back, let the TRP driven media do it for you. They are experts at the game
Hari Om

Friday, 23 September 2016

King Amanullah ( 1892-1960 ) of Afghanistan is one of my heroes. Although he failed in his effort to modernize Afghanistan ( where Kemal Mustafa of Turkey had succeeded ), due to the machinations of the British imperialists hand in glove with the reactionary clerics and feudals, nevertheless he deserves to be applauded for his effort. If he had succeeded Afghanistan would today have been a modern welfare state, with its people enjoying a high standard of living, and would have been spared all its suffering in recent times.
Amanullah was King of Afghanistan from 1919 to 1929. Before him, Afghanistan had hardly any freedom, being caught up in the rivalry between England and Czrist Russia, both of whom wanted to excercize hegemony over the country.
On assuming the throne he declared in a grand durbar :
" I proclaim myself and my country completely free, independent and sovereign in all domestic and foreign issues. My country will thus become an independent state, just as other countries of the world ".
He then sent this message to the great Russian leader Lenin :
" Although Afghanistan by its spirit and nature, has always been a supporter of freedom and equality, however, due to certain reasons, it was deprived of the opportunity to maintain relations with other states and peoples. I am therefore happy to send you on behalf of the Afghan people, who are striving for progress, this friendly message from independent and free Afghanistan "
The Soviet Union then signed a treaty of friendship with Amanullah, inter alia providing that neither state would allow its territory to be used against the other.
This scared the British authorities, who were allergic to the idea of a free, anti-imperialist Afghanistan.
Amanullah then introduced, like Kemal Mustafa Ataturk, modern, progressive and democratic schemes in Afghanistan, to pull it out of its centuries of backwardness and poverty. He opened up new schools and technical institutes, both for boys and girls, and planned to develop the economy. womens' emancipation, and to limit the power and influence of the reactionary clergy. He planned to send young Afghans to Europe for technical education, banning of polygamy, etc
Towards the end of 1923 the first Afghan Constitution was framed and promulgated. This Constitution proclaimed the independence and sovereignty of Afghanistan. The people were granted fundamental freedoms, equality before the law, personal freedom, etc and abolished religious inequality and feudal duties. The organs of the state were modernized. Land reforms were introduced, and the clergy restrained.
Amanullah went on a tour of Europe, like Peter the Great who modernized Russia, to study conditions there personally
All these measures met with fierce resistance from the feudals, who felt that their vested interests and influence over the masses would be mortally affected, and this resistance was backed by the British imperialists who paid a huge amount of money to the Mullahs and feudal chieftains for this. The British also supplied British rifles to the Afghan rebels, and organized a military coup which deposed Amanullah in 1929.
How different Afghanistan would have been today had Amanullah succeeded

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Gosain caste
India is a fascinating country with tremendous diversity---so many religions, castes, languages, ethnic groups, etc. I may here mention something about the Gosain caste.
The people of this caste have surnames like Gosain, Goswamy ( I wonder whether Arnab Goswamy belongs to this caste ), Giri, Puri, etc.
How did this caste originate ? The story of their origin was told to me a long time back by someone whose name I do not remember, and I cannot vouchsafe about its authenticity. For all I know it may be untrue and an apocryphal version.
What I was told was this : most sadhus were bachelors, but some had mistresses. The offspring of these mistresses became the Gosain caste ( everything becomes a caste quickly in India ).
My elder friend, late Mr. A.D. Giri, former Solicitor General of India, was of this caste. I was told that when he would meet Justice Venkatachaliah, former CJI, who is a Brahmin, he would claim to be a Brahmin. But when he would meet Justice Ratnavel Pandian, who is an OBC, he professed to be an OBC.
The priests in most Hindu temples in India are Brahmins. But the priests of the famous Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan ( near Mathura ) are Gosains. Maybe some of the gopas of Lord Krishna were Gosains !
 Hari Om
My offer
If the governments of Karnataka and Tamilnadu agree I am prepared to head a joint committee of scientists specialized in the field of both the states ( and also scientists of other states and abroad ) to resolve the Cauvery water issue.
Although I am not myself a scientist, I have some ideas of resolving the problem. In fact when I was a judge in the Supreme Court a bench presided over by me in M.K. Balakrishnan vs. Union of India ( see online ) had set up a water committee, headed by Dr. Ramaswamy, then Union Secretary of Science and Technology, who is himself an eminent scientist to resolve the problem, but I retired thereafter, and I do not know what happened in the case thereafter.
Dr. Ramaswamy has retired, and lives in Chennai and I can request him to join the Committee as its co-chairman. The Union Govt.and also some other state govts. can be requested to give all support to this joint committee. We can invite scientists from other countries too who are specialized in the field. The joint committee will work on a war footing, and all govts. will be requested to support it financially, technically and administratively.
Will some of you convey this suggestion of mine to the Chief Ministers of Karnataka and Tamilnadu.? I will do the worlk pro bono. I have no personal interest in the matter, and onlly wish to help the people of both the states, whose well wisher I am

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Talk on skype with a Pakistani youth
Had a long chat last night on skype with a young Pakistani who lives in Lahore, and has recently been enrolled as a lawyer, but is also preparing for the Pakistan civil/police service exams ( like our IAS/IPS ). He gave me a very good impression of being liberal, honest and inquisitive.
He is a bachelor, but is engaged to be married early next year. So I made him write down Charles Dicken's famous quote from 'Oliver Twist' : " The law is a ass. The law is a bachelor ", and asked him to google it.
I told him that when I read ' Oliver Twist ' a long time back , I understood what was meant by saying that the law is an ass, but what did Dickens mean by saying that the law is a bachelor ?
It was much later, after I got married, that I understood its meaning. What it meant was is that before one is married he/she has a lot of fanatasies about married life, but after marriage one gets to know the realities of life. In other words, a bachelor has no idea about realities, but marriage brings him down down from the sky to the earth. So law is like a bachelor, as it is unrealistic.
He then aked me how many hours a day do I read. I replied that I do not read much now, but earlier I used to read several hours a day, sometimes from morning to night.
He asked me whether our skype talk was under surveillance. I said it was possible, but I dont care. Has Faiz not said ' Bol ki lab azad hain tere, bol zubaan ab tak teri hai '. Moreover, what I was saying now I had already said several times on fb and my blog.
I said that despite the jingoism which was going on in the Indian media these days after the killing of many army soldiers in Uri, I still believe that 99% Pakistanis are good people, just as 99% Indians are good people.
As regards going to war with Pakistan, I said that war is a very expensive thing. The Indian economy, like the Pakistani, is stagnant and in dire straights. It is ridiculous to talk of going to war.
I said that India and Pakistan have been one since Mughal times. We were divided by the wicked British rulers in pursuance of the nefarious divide and rule policy, and on the basis of the bogus two nation theory, but we are sure to reunite one day as we are really one nation. However that will take time.
I said that when I talked of reunification for the first time many years ago many people were shocked and thought I was crazy, as they had never heard this before. However, I said, truth has great power. If what I say is true, then initially many people may be shocked and disagree, as my view is contrary to the generally accepted one, but later on cool reflection they will accept it. Copernicus' theory that the earth revolves around the sun, and not vice versa, had initially shocked Europeans, as it was contrary to the Bible. However, since it was true, it was later accepted.
He asked me my view about Gandhi and Jinnah. I said they were hypocritical rascals, and objectively British agents, whose acts led to the Partition and its horrible suffering ( I asked him to read Manto's stories about Partition ). He asked whether Jinnah was being paid by the British ? I said I had no idea, but that was irrelevant. When I call someone an agent, I mean he is doing something which furthers the agenda of his principal, whether he is being paid for it or not. I asked him to read my blogs on Gandhi and Jinnah. What an irony that they were called Father of the Nation, when they were really hypocritical scoundrels. The real Father of the Indian nation ( in which I include Pakistan ) was the great Emperor Akbar, who gave equal respect to all communities. I asked him to read my blog on him
We discussed many other issues too

Monday, 19 September 2016

My views
I dont have direct approach to the people to present my views. It can only be through my facebook posts and blogs. Most newspapers do not publish my articles, perhaps because someone very high up has instructed them not to. Advani said during the Emergency that the media had only been told to bend but they crawled. Well, now they are doing shaastang.
So my only recourse is through you facebook users who come on to my page. If I can peruade you, you will then communi...cate my ideas to the people.
But I am not asking you to blindly accept what I say. All I am asking you is to carefully and coolly consider my views, and the reasons I give in their support, and accept them only if they appeal to your reason.
Often what I say may shock you, because you have never heard it before e.g. that Gandhi,Tagore, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Iqbal and 'Veer' Savarkar were objectively British agents, that Subhas Chandra Bose was objectively a Japanese agent, and that India and Pakistan ( and Bangladesh ) are bound to reunite one day under a secular govt. as we are really one country. But I have given my reasons in support of whatever I said, and my appeal to you all is to consider my reasons coolly.
Truth has great power, and if what I say is truthful you may not accept it today or tomorrow, but I am confident that one day you will accept it. When Copernicus presented his theory that the earth goes around the sun, and not the sun around the earth, his view shocked Europeans, since the Bible, in which they beieved, said the contrary. But much later his theory was accepted, because it represented the truth. So it does not bother me that my views are not immediately accepted.
What I request you to do is to adopt the critical attitude, and test everything on the anvil of reason.
You must develop depth in your thinking, and not just go by the merely apparent. For instance, a big hue and cry was raised about the release of Shahabuddin on bail. I pointed out in my fb post and blog that Shahabuddin is only a small fry, he cannot survive for long without the powerful support of some politicians, who are the real sharks and crocodiles. Veerappan was at one time portrayed as a big terror, but he was quickly eliminated when he lost political support.
Similarly, the media often portrays Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed, Jaish-e-Muhammed, Lashkar-e-Toiba as the terror masters, but in my opinion these are small fries. China, which is the real powerful villain behind all these is usually overlooked ( see my fb posts and blogs ' We are in for the long haul in Kashmir ', and ' The Kashmiri separatist militancy ' ).

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Lawstitutes
I sent my post ' Caesar's wife ' mentioning a stark incident of the corruption of Justice Thakur, the present CJI, by email to a large number of senior Supreme lawyers, who profess to be men of honour. Not one has responded, nor do I expect them to. They will maintain the ' Noble Silence of Lord Buddha,since they will not do anything which may jeopadize their own interests. Do such shameless people not deserve to be called ' Lawstitutes ' ?
These senior Supreme Court lawyers are minting money some earning Rs. 20 crore per year, if not more. Naturally they would not like to displease SC judges, who may then deny them favourable orders.
And many of such senior Supreme Court lawyers move around in society like peacocks, flaunting their ' high character ' and learning
Caesar's wife
Justice Thakur, it is time now to ask you a direct question.
When you were a judge in Karnataka High Court, there were some plots of land in Bangalore for allotment to employees of the Karnataka High Court. Is it correct that you got one plot allotted to yourself ?
A High Court Judge is not an employee of the High Court, in fact he is not anyone's employee. He is a Constitutional authority. So if the allegation is correct, how could you get a plot meant for Karnataka High Court employees allotted to yourself ? Is this not corruption ?
It is time to come clean on this My Lord. After all, like Caesar's wife, a CJI must be above suspicion