Sunday, 26 March 2017

Fascism is coming in India

History bears witness to the fact that when popular agitations, demonstrations and unrest rise above a certain level in a country, and the existing regimes feel threatened that they may be toppled by these, they crush all democratic freedoms and impose fascist rule. The fascist regime of Mussolini, and the demise of the Weimar Republic and advent of Nazi rule in Germany are glaring examples of this.

I believe that some kind of fascism is inevitably coming in a year or two in which democracy, freedom of speech and of the press, and civil liberties will all be totally India.

Consider the facts :

1. The present Indian government came to power on high expectations with the slogan of ' vikas ' or development. This meant, or at least was perceived as, millions of jobs for the youth, industrial growth benefiting businessmen and others, and general prosperity for the public.

2. We are now three years since the new government came to power, but one can see no traces of vikas ( see my articles ' The Shape of Things to come ', ' Vikas ', 'Healthcare in India', ' Malnutrition in India ', 'Unemployment in India;, ' The Trickle Down Theory ', ' The Dream has evaporated ' etc on facebook and my blog ), but only stunts like Swatchata Abhiyaan, Ghar wapasi, Good Governance day, Yoga Day, Demonetization, etc. In these articles I have demonstrated that under the economic policies being pursued by this government ( the trickle down effect ) there is bound to be further economic recession and further unemployment, malnutrition, lack of healthcare, farmers' suicides and poverty, though a handful of big businessmen may benefit. Prices of many essential items like dal have already gone up the roof, and will in all likelihood shoot up higher.

1 crore youth are entering the job market in India every year, but in 2016 only 1.4 lac jobs were created in the organized sector of the Indian economy. Where do the remaining 98.6 lac go ? They become hawkers, street vendors, bouncers, stringers, criminals or suicides.

50% of Indian children are malnourished, and 58% children below 5 are anaemic. 

Proper healthcare is almost non existent for our masses, and so quackery is flourishing
Lacs of farmers have committed suicide in India, and Tamilnadu farmers are sitting in Jantar Mantar, Delhi with skulls of the suicides, but our leaders are hardly bothered.

3. Consequently this government will become increasingly unpopular day by day, as people, especially the youth, get disillusioned and realize that they were befooled and taken for a ride by our superman who promised a paradise and Shangri-La in India in the name of 'vikas' , but after his accession to power has left people in the lurch.

4. This disillusionment and disenchantment, coupled with the terrible economic hardships and distress the Indian people are facing, with rising prices, rising unemployment, widespread malnutrition, farmers suicides, etc, is bound to lead to widespread and massive popular agitations, disturbances, and turbulence all over the country

5. To deal with these, attempts will first be made, as they have already been made, to do stunts like the anti-Romeo drive in U.P. and to divide the people on communal lines, and blame minorities for the problems, as Jews were blamed by the Nazis. One may recall that fascist regimes came to power in Germany and Italy in the 1920s and 1930s because of massive unemployment and soaring inflation in those countries and the consequent popular agitations.

6. These steps, however, will prove ineffective after a short time as people realize that food and jobs are more important to them than building Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Then harsh measures will be employed by the Government ( kadwi dawa ) to maintain its power, in other words, some kind of Emergency which we witnessed from 1975-1977, in which all civil liberties, freedom of speech and of the press, and all vestiges of democracy will be totally suppressed.

7. What form this fascist rule will take is difficult to predict, but to my mind fascism is inevitably coming in India

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Reality of India


You have a population of 1.32 billion people, while France has about 66 million and U.K. has about 65 million. Thus your population is about 20 times larger than France or U.K. and perhaps your land area is also 20 times larger.

But France and U.K. are permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, while India is not. You have been begging for a permanent seat even without veto rights, but you have been rebuffed for even that. 
And you know why ? It is not because of the colour of your skin but because your country is poor. Nobody respects the poor. When China was a poor, semi colonial country, the Westerners called the Chinese a ' yellow race ' and looted and exploited it. Today China is a powerful, highly industrialized country, and now nobody dare call the Chinese ' yellow '.

And do you know why you are poor ? It is because most of you are mentally backward, full of casteism, communalism and unscientific thinking and mindsets.

Unless you destroy your backwardness you will never be able to emerge as a modern industrial giant, like China, for which you have all the potential, with your huge pool of engineers, technicians, scientists, etc and immense natural resources. Instead, you will be looked down upon and kicked around by the developed countries.

So when I am harsh in criticizing your backwardness, it is not to demoralize or denigrade you, but to make you aware of the true reality, so that you may start your struggle to make India a highly developed, highly industrialized prosperous nation in which all our people are getting decent lives, and a high standard of living

Muslims, get rid of these blood sucking leeches on your body

In view of the recent political developments in India, bad days seem to be ahead for Indian Muslims.
A large part of the blame for this must rest on most Muslim political leaders and most Maulanas/Muftis in India, who for their own vested interests have been, like leeches, sucking the blood of the innocent but gullible Muslim masses for a long time.

Consider just one example. In 1985 the Indian Supreme Court gave the Shahbano judgment that a Muslim man must give maintenance to his divorced wife. One would have expected every reasonable person to have supported this progressive, humanitarian judgment. In almost every country in the world a husband has to give maintenance to his divorced wife if she is unable to maintain herself. But no, almost all Maulanas and Muslim political leaders ( except perhaps Arif Mohd. Khan ) raised a hue and cry, and vehemently denounced the judgment as being in conflict with sharia law, and ultimately the Rajiv Gandhi Congress govt. got the judgment legislatively nullified, as he was told that otherwise Congress would lose the Muslim vote bank.

Take another example, the practice of triple talaq is clearly inhuman and retrograde, because by triple talaq a Sunni Muslim husband can simply throw out his wife ( with her children, if any ) for no rhyme or reason, and without going to Court. Yet the All India Muslim Personal Board, which includes many arch reactionary Maulanas and other like minded arch reactionaries, has in its affidavit before the Supreme Court strongly opposed its abolition.

In fact the entire sharia law is outdated, and needs to be abolished. After all, a law is usually a reflection of existing social customs in a society at a particular stage of its historical development, and so when society changes, the law too must change. How can a law made in the 7th or 8th century in Arabia be relevant or applicable in India in the 21st century ? It is like applying Manusmriti to Hindus today. And to say that if sharia is abolished Islam will be abolished is nonsense. Almost the entire old ( uncodified ) Hindu law was abolished in 1955 and 1956 by the Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act, etc but Hinduism has not thereby been abolished.

In fact a uniform civil code would benefit Muslims by putting an end to the feudal, outdated sharia law, but the reactionary leeches, viz. most of the Indian Muslim political leaders and Maulanas will not permit this.

The practice of wearing burqa too must be banned, as it is a feudal, barbaric custom degrading to women, and it was banned in Turkey by the great Turkish leader Kemal Mustafa Ataturk in the 1920s.
It is now high time for Muslim society, particularly the Muslim youth, to get rid of these leeches, who for their own vested interests, have kept the Muslims backward and have been sucking their blood. Muslims should now demand abolition of sharia and burqa. Failure to do so now will only give a handle to the reactionaries among the majority Hindu community, and be disastrous for Indian Muslims. 
Indian Muslims, wake up before it is too late

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

U.P. elections and Mahabharat

The U.P. elections appear to me somewhat like the Mahabharat War.
In the Mahabharat War there appeared to be only two contestants, the Pandavas and the Kauravas, but there really was a third, Lord Krishna, who was fighting without fighting.
So also, in the U.P. elections there are three contestants, the Akhilesh-Congress alliance, the BJP and the BSP..
I have predicted that victory will go to Akhilesh, who is a Yadav, and therefore a descendant of Lord Krishna, with Arjun ( the Congress ) by his side.
Has not the Gita said that victory wlii go where : :
" Yatra Yogeshwarah Krishno, Yatra Partho dhanurdharah " ?
( see the last shloka of the Gita ).
As for the Kauravas, the Bheeshmas, the Dronacharyas, the Karnas, the Kripacharyas, the Ashwatthamas etc, along with the crafty plotters, like Shakuni Mama and Jayadrath, they will all bite the dust.
Jai Shri Krishna
Aqaayad waham hai, mazahab khyaal-e-khaam
Faith is but superstition, religion an inferior idea
Since the dawn of time, human imagination has been imprisoned by these falsehoods
By the Urdu poet Sahir Ludhianvi

Aqaayad waham hai mazahab khayal e khaam hai
by Sahir Ludhianvi

aqaayad vaham hai
mazahab khayaal-e-khaam
hai saaqi
Azal se zahan-e-insaan
bast-e-auham hai saaqi
Haqiqat-aashanai asl mein
gum-kardah-rahi hai
urus-e-agahi paravardah-
e-abaham hai saqi
Mubarak ho zaifi ko khirad
ki falsafadaani
Javaani beniyaz-e-ibrat-e-
anjam hai saaqi
Abhi tak raaste ki pech-o-
kham se dil dhadakata hai
mera zauq-e-talab shayad
abhi tak khaam hai saaqi
Wahaan bheja gaya hun
chaak karne pard-e-shab
jahaan har subah ki daaman
pe aks-e-shaam hai saaqi
Mere saaghar mein mai hai aur tere hathon mein barbat hai
Vatan ki sarzameen mein bhook se kohraam hai saaqi
Zamaana barsare paikar hai purhol sholon se
Tere lab par abhi tak naghma-e-Khayyam hai saaqi

Sowing the wind, and reaping the whirlwind

Pakistanis, your misguided and stupid forefathers sowed the seeds of Partition in 1947, and now you are reaping the whirlwind.
A suicide attack in a popular shrine in southern Pakistan has killed at least 72 people, police say. The bomber blew himself up among devotees in the shrine of Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in the town of Sehwan in Sindh province, police said
The real Islam of the Indian sub continent is Sufi Islam, and not Wahabi or Salafi Islam. The sufis taught compassion, tolerance and universal brotherhood ( including brotherhood with non Muslims ), not the bigotry of the Wahabis and Salafis.
In a country like India with such tremendous diversity, only Sufi Islam can be accepted here. Wahabism or Salafism has no place.
But once you create a theocratic state like Pakistan, Wahabism and Salafism were bound to grow and spread bigotry and terror.
The only remedy is reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under a secular govt. which does not tolerate religious bigotry and extremism, and crushes it with an iron hand

Some thoughts on the economy

Both Prof. Noam Chomsky and Prof. Richard Wolff of America are proponents of syndicalism, that is free self controlled workers cooperatives of the kind of the Mondragon Cooperative in Spain.

But the basic defect of such workers cooperatives is that they will only think of their own interest, rather than of the interest of the country as a whole, including the consumers.. Moreover, when a new capital intensive technology appears, they will be face...d with a serious dilemma. Accepting it may throw many workers, and therefore its own members, out of work. Not accepting it would mean that they may become uncompetitive, since other workers cooperatives doing the same kind of manufacture may accept it, and thus be able to reduce its cost of production by laying off some workers and thus saving labour costs. Also, it would impede the advance of technology..

The theory of workers cooperatives, in which the cooperative seeks profits for itself ( and therefore for its members ), suffers from the same defect which Adam Smith's theory of laissez faire suffers. It only replaces the individual industrialist by the cooperative. But the 'invisible hand' behind the cooperative would really mean that industries which are labour intensive gradually become more and more capital intensive ( with the advance of technology ) in search for more profits, by laying off many workers. However, in the process unemployment is generated, and therefore the market shrinks as less and less people have adequate purchasing power ( because the purchasing power of a worker laid off is drastically reduced ). How then will the goods manufactured be sold ?

A centralized system of production under a central government enables national planning, and thus a scientific and all round, coordinated progress on all fronts of the economy. Its aim is not just making profits, but raising the standard of living of the people.

The advocates of workers cooperatives are opponents of a centralized economy as they fear that a government running such an economy would become dictatorial and undemocratic. But that need not necessarily be so. If the government comes into the hands of genuinely patriotic, self sacrificing and modern minded people it would lead to rapid all round economic progress and giving a high standard of living to the citizens of such a country

Monday, 20 February 2017

My email to the Prime Minister

The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
Shri. Narendra Modi...
New Delhi.

Dear Sir
Democratic Youth Federation of India , an All India youth organisation, requested me to send this appeal to you.
I am writing this letter in the context of the brutal murder of a Software professional, Ms.Rasila Raju OP, in the premises of Infosys company in Pune on 29th January. It is really worrying that atrocities against women are increasing even in the work places which were thought to be safe. The Hon’ble Supreme Court issued guidelines in Vishaka and others Vs State of Rajasthan (AIR 1997 SC 3011) about the safety of women at work place, but these do not seem to have been followed.
I appeal to your govt. to order an investigation by the CBI into this henious crime so that the perpetrators of the crime are given harsh punishment, and to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.
It is the duty of the Government to ensure that no woman in the country ends her life like Ms.Rasila Raju.
With Regards
Yours Faithfully
Justice Markendeya Katju
Former Judge Supreme Court of India
Copy to:
1.Shri. Rajnath Singh
Hon’ble Home Minister of India
2. The Home Secretrary
Govt.of India
3.The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra.
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All religions are superstitions

All religions are superstitions, the truth lies in science, which is not something final, but is constantly developing. There is no God, soul ( and therefore no transmigration of the soul ), angels, fairies, witches or any other supernatural entity. The only reality is matter ( or rather matter-energy, as Einstein demonstrated ) but matter is in motion, in accordance with certain laws, which can be discovered by scientific research.

Religion and science are poles apart. Religion says there is a thing called God, which is permanent and all powerful. The religious books e.g. the Vedas, the Quran, the Bible, etc are final, and cannot be changed. Science believes that nothing is permanent or final, but is changing according to certain laws, which can be discovered by scientific research. It is true that some scientists believed in God, but that is because for a long period scientific and unscientific ideas will co-exist as the scientific and unscientific outlooks struggle with each other.

But with every advance of science religion recedes. For example, at one time people in their ignorance believed that small pox is due to the wrath of a goddess ( mata ), but now we know it is due to a virus, which can be checked by vaccination. At one time people believed that drought is due to the wrath of the god Indra, who had to be propitiated, but now we know that rain is caused by build up of high pressure and low pressure areas, and drought is due to the non build up of these areas.

As for the question who created matter ( and the Universe ) the answer is : nobody created it. Matter came from matter, in other words, it always existed, but is in motion. If we presume everything must have a Creator, then logically that Creator, too, must have a Creator, i.e a Super Creator, and that Suoer Creator, too must have a Creator, i.e. a Super Super Creator, and so on. We are thus caught in the fallacy of the infinite regress.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

There is no construction without destruction
To those who suggest this or that reform in the legislature, judiciary or executive of India, my simple answer is this : any radical and sorely needed reform will meet such fierce resistance from the entrenched vested interests in India, who want no major change, that it will certainly fizzle out.
For instance, everyone knows of the inordinate delay in disposing of court cases, which often linger on for decades, but no radical step can be taken to remedy the situation, as the vested interests will stoutly resist it. Everyone knows that parliamentary democracy in India has largely degenerated into caste and communal vote bank politics, but no serious effort is made to change this.
I am reminded of the situation in France before the French Revolution of 1789. The most sorely needed reform then was in the taxation system then prevailing in France. Under it, the richest classes, the nobility and the church, which owned almost all the land in France, had to pay no tax, while the bulk of the burden of taxes fell on the peasantry, the poorest section of society. This was grossly inequitable, but every attempt to change this system and levy tax on the nobility and church was so fiercely resisted by these classes that it ended in fiasco.
With the French Govt. under heavy debt and without money to pay it, and the financial situation desparate as the govt. expenditure far exceeded the govt. revenue, Minister after Minister of King Louis 16th proposed a tax on the nobility and church to generate the funds needed---Turgot, Necker, Calonne---but each was hounded out of office by a cabal of powerful vested interests including the King's brothers ( the Dukes of Artois and Provence ), Queen Marie Antoinette, etc. The Assembly of Notables, consisting of nobles and bishops, was called by the King in 1787 to try to persuade these classes to accept taxation on them, but instead of consenting to it, they thought that by procrastinating they could wave away the move. Hence they passed on the buck by suggesting an Estates General, which was held in May 1789, and was the beginning of the French Revolution.
It was only when their manors began to be burnt by the peasants, and the Bastille was stormed on 14th July, 1789 with the beheading of its Governor and others, that 'wisdom' dawned on the nobles, who realizing that now their own necks were in danger, in a sudden act of 'generosity' gave up their feudal rights on the night of 4th August 1789. (That, of course, did not save their necks. )
So it is no use to talk of reforms in India any longer. What is now needed is a Revolution. There can be a building which can be repaired or renovated. There can be another building which is so dilapidated that no amount of repair or renovation will do, and it needs demolition and fresh construction. India today is like the second kind of building. Its system of governance has become so rotten that no amount of tinkering with it will do.
And there can be no construction without destruction