Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Appearing on newsx channel today, Wednesday 29th July with Soli Sorabji at 9 p.m. regarding Yakub Memon's death sentence.
 I will speak what I believe to be the truth, knowing that many people will abuse me as a supporter of terrorists, Muslim appeaser, apologist for mass murderers, etc and brand me as anti-national.
That does not bother me. I have often said things knowing that initially that will make me very unpopular. But I am not a popularity seeker.I say what I believe to be in the national interest. And I am confident that if what I say is true, after some time many persons who initially condemned me will later realize that what I was saying was correct. There is great power in truth.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
 Dr. Kalam, who died yesterday, set the highest standards of public life in India.
When he was President of India, he insisted on paying from his own pocket the travel, food and other expenses of his relatives and friends who stayed in Rashtrapati Bhawan, since they were his private guests.
  Whenever a name was recommended to him for appointment of a Judge of the Supreme Court or High Court he would get a secret enquiry made about the person, and if anything adverse was found he would return the file to the government with his objections. He also returned some bills passed by Parliament which he thought were unconstitutional.
 This made him unpopular with the UPA government, which refused to give him a second term as President, and instead chose Pratibha Patil, who was a rubber stamp.
 When I was Chief Justice of Madras High Court I went to Rameshwarm, his home town. I visited his home, and was received by his elder brother. The house was a simple cottage of a few rooms, with no ornamentation whatsoever. I thought that if it would have been another President, the house would have become a palace by now.
 Even after retirement he continued teaching students, which was his passion.
 He was Chief Guest at the Pongal-Sankranti Day which was a function organized a few years ago at my residence, whose picture you can see on my facebook page

Monday, 27 July 2015

Have no hope for Yakub Memon
Many people are pinning hope in some relief to Yakub Memon by the Supreme Court today, but I have no such hope. The petition will certainly be dismissed by the Supreme Court.
 The President of India has already rejected his  mercy petition earlier ,and will almost certainly reject it again, if any is filed.
 So Yakub Memon, whom I believe to be innocent ( for the reasons given in my earlier posts ), is almost certain to be hanged on 30th July.
 In the communalized atmosphere prevailing in the country today, the bloodlust in a large section of the majority community against the minority, is very strong
Difference between Owaisi and me
A fb comment on my last post, and my response :

Abdul Salam : Katju sab the person who first raised voice about this issue is #Hyderabadi, take u r chudees back.......

Markandey Katju Has Owaisi ever raised his voice protesting against atrocities on Hindus e.g. Kashmiri Pandits, or minorities in Pakistan ? He only protests against atrocities on Muslims in India, obviously with the Muslim vote bank in mind, whereas I protest against atrocities on  everyone,'Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, etc, even those in Pakistan, e.g. Ahmedis, Shias, Christians, Hindus, etc.
I am not in politics, so I have no vote bank in mind. I want that no one should be oppressed, and everyone should be allowed to live with dignity and honour, whatever his religion, race, caste, colour, language or region
Choodis will remain with Owaisi until he sits on dharna before the residence of the CM of Telangana demanding that Abdul Qadeer be pardoned. But I know he will not, because he is a dramabaz and ''politisstitute''

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Yakub Memon- Begunahon ka lahu piyo, izn-e-aam hai

I believe there has been gross travesty of justice in the case of Yakub Memon.

I have carefully studied the judgment of the Court. The evidence on which he has been found guilty is very weak. This evidence is (1) retracted confession of the co-accused, and (2) alleged recoveries.

 As regards the first, everyone knows how 'confessions' are obtained by the police in our country--by torture. And torture is such a terrible thing that one will confess to anything under torture. Joan of Arc confessed to be a witch under torture. Moreover, in this case, the alleged 'çonfession' was retracted.

 As regards 'recoveries', anyone having even the slighted knowledge of the working of the police knows that such alleged recoveries are often planted. The truth is that our police usually cannot nab the real culprits because it is not trained in scientific investigation, and yet it has to solve the crime. So the best thing to do in terrorist cases is to implicate half a dozen Muslims, since it is well known that Muslims have nothing else to do except throw bombs.

 As regards the judiciary, I fear it is becoming increasingly populist. Many judges want to show to the public that they are 'tough on terror', never mind if innocent people are convicted and hanged...

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kejriwal is a total fraud

I have been in Delhi for two days now after my return from abroad. What I have heard and seen in these two days has only confirmed my earlier opinion ( I had called him a 'Sapnon ka Saudagar' ) that this fellow Kejriwal, this 'miracle man', who was depicted as a solution to all of India's problems, this ' Imaandari ka Masiha ', is a total fraud and a demagogue.

Many people met me in these two days. Most of them were earlier strong supporters of Kejriwal, but they are now totally disenchanted and disillusioned by his actions. They said that his removal of co-founders of AAP Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav shows that Kejriwal behaves like a dictator, and is not willing to tolerate dissent and disagreement in AAP. They told me that conditions in Delhi have gone from bad to worse under his rule, despite his so called ' achievements '.

For two days I have been seeing on T.V. advertisements mentioning ' his achievements ' (" Woh pareshan karte rahe, hum kaam karte rahe " ). But why have these alleged 'achievements' to be advertised ? It costs a huge amount of money getting these advertisements publicized on T.V. This money could have been spent on the welfare of citizens of Delhi.. And the best advertisement is one's deeds, not publicity in the media.

The way AAP leaders misbehaved with the Delhi Police Commissioner Bassi and humiliated him shows that they are looking for a scapegoat to divert public attention from their failures and to score brownie points

Monday, 20 July 2015

Who is Kejriwal trying to befool

Arvind Kejriwal has repeatedly said that the Central Goverment should hand over control of thr Delhi police to the Delhi state government.

Clause 3(a) of Article 239AA of the Indian Constitution, by which the NCT of Delhi was constituted, acsays that the power to make laws regarding the Delhi police is with Parliament. And the executive power is co-extensive with the legislative power.vide Article 162.

So it will require a Constitutional amendment to hand over the power over the Delhi police to the Delhi state government. Such an amendment requires two third majority of members present and voting in each House of Parliament, vide Article 368. It cannot be done by the Central government even if it wants to.

So who is Kejriwal trying to befool ? Does he think that because most people do not know the law he can deceive the public ?.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Mr. Shanti Bhushan's reply to my last email on Lodha Commitee

Mr. Shanti Bhushan's reply to my last email  on Lodha Commitee 

Firstly though I am alive but I am not kicking anybody.That takes care of the last sentence.To be high strung is a compliment to Kashmiris which means they are very sensitive. So Kashmiris need not take offence.

As regards issuing an order authorising a Munsif to issue a writ, yes I maintain that a High Court can indeed do so if it considers that it would indeed do justice.

In fact the power to issue writs is only conferred by the constitution on the Supreme Court and the High Courts.But these Courts have framed rules delegating this judicial power to individual judges and benches.

Even with regard to legislative power it is now well recognised that while it can be delegated essential legislative power cannot be delegated.The essential judicial power which cannot be delegated is the power to decide finally and the power to make an order which can be judicially reviewed by the Courts.
All legal principles have been evolved by the courts according to the perceived requirement of the society from time to time. Judicial inventions can have no limits.Great judges have been the champions of such inventions.One shining example is the principle of Basic Features of the Constitution which cannot be violated even by an amendment of the Constitution.

Perhaps it was good that I was not considered worthy enough for the high office of a High Court judge lest I might have evolved many other revolutionary principles of law.

However I am always grateful to Justice Katju for showering may undeserved compliments on me.
Shanti Bhushan


In the late 18th century in the reign of Nawab Asaf-ud-dowla Lucknowites used to say :
" Jise na de Maula, use de Asaf-ud-dowla "
Today Delhiites say :
" Jise na de Maula, use de Arvind-ud-dowla "
Ma badaulat ka farman hai ki Dilli walon ko muft bijli, muft pani, muft khana, muft ilaj, muft ghar, muft talim, wagera wagera sab muft diya jai. Aisa Shahenshah kahan milega ?

मा बदौलत का फरमान है की दिल्ली वालों को मुफ्त बिजली- पानी, मुफ्त घर, खाना, इलाज, वगेरा वगेरा सब मुफ्त दिया जाये. ऐसा शहंशाह कहाँ मिलेगा?

Goodbye to Taslima

I think after this statement of Taslima Nasreen on twitter there is no point in meeting her :
গরিবরা ধর্ম না থাকলে পাগল হয়ে যাবে। সুতরাং ধর্মের সমালোচনা করা যাবে না। এ কোনও কথা?
" If there were no religion poor people would go mad. Hence, religion should not be criticized. What kind of statement is this ? "
By this statement Taslima Nasreen has criticized me, because I had said that poor people have such miserable lives that they would go mad if they did not have religion as a psychological support. But I had never said that religion should not be critically studied.

 It is obvious that Taslima Nasreen has no scientific understanding of the social basis of religion, and has no desire to learn. She is no doubt a brave person who spoke out against oppression and atrocities on Hindus and women in Bangladesh, but she has no scientific understanding of the social and historical factors which give rise to religion.

 The above statement of hers shows that she can distort what others say, which betrays her intellectual dishonesty.

 I myself am a critic of religion, and have often said that all religions are superstitions. But I also realize that unless poverty, exploitation and the chance factor in our lives are eliminated ( and this will take a very long period of historical struggle and scientific progress, lasting probably several generations ) religion will continue playing a powerful role in our lives.

Poor people, who comprise over 75% of the world's population lead such miserable lives that they would go mad if they did not have religion as a psychological support. And even those who are not poor often believe in supernatural beings like God because of the chance factor which is very powerful in our lives, and hence that supernatural Being needs to be propitiated to escape from His wrath.

 I tried to patiently explain all this to Taslima several times, but she seems to be a total egoist and a blockhead, and I gradually realized I was wasting my time. So goodbye Taslima. Sorry I wont be able to keep our date