Thursday, 2 October 2014

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Launched the #SwacchBharat Abhiyan at the Press Council of India, Soochna Bhawan.

Navratri ends

2.10.2014, 8 a.m.

Thank God this navratri is over at 10.30 a.m. today.
 I intend to eat roganjosh ( a delicious Kashmiri mutton dish) and other non vegetarian food ( kabargah, yaqni, kofta, rista, etc) from tomorrow with a vengeance !
 This was the first time in my life I kept a fast ( for 9 days), and it really got my goat.
 I used to dream of regular Kashmiri food in the night, but far from getting meat, I did not even get rice, chapati, dal, bread, biscuits, etc. It was like being put into a naturopathy hospital, like James Bond in Shrublands in 'Thunderball' !
 I intend to keep fasts of all communities in the future. I do not know when Ramzan is starting, but I believe it is a long way off from now. Can some Christian tell me when is Lent, and what does one eat on this occasion, and for how long ? I believe the Jains eat nothing at all during Paryushan ( for 9 days), and only take water, but I doubt I could do that.

Sarita Devi's behaviour

I have been repeatedly asked since yesterday to comment on the ' injustice ' to Sarita Devi in her boxing semi final against Jina Park of Korea, in which the latter was declared the winner.

Many people in India have become highly emotional on the issue, and have asked me to express my ' solidarity' with Sarita Devi.

For quite some time I have resisted the temptation to join the chorus to condemn the 'cheating' against Sarita Devi by the Judges. Almost all Indians are shouting and screaming against this ' rigging ' of the verdict in the match, and are expressing sympathy with Sarita Devi.

But long judicial training has made my mind impervious to such pressures, and I regret I cannot join in this emotionally high strung refrain. I, too, am a patriot, but that does not mean that I am entitled to become jingoistic and not rational. So let us consider the matter coolly.

Firstly, were any of the 3 ringside Judges who gave the verdict Koreans ? The answer is, no. The 3 Judges were (1) Ibrahim Mohammad of Tunisia, (2) Albino Foti of Italy, and (3) Mariusz Josef Gory of Poland. All 3 ruled in favour of Jina Park by identical 39-37 margins. So were all 3 Judges bribed ? I think it is absurd to say so.

Secondly, I saw the match carefully on Youtube. It was a well contested match, and though Sarita Devi certainly threw some good punches, I realize I am not a trained boxing Judge, and therefore cannot disagree with the Judges verdict with certainty.

Thirdly, even honest Judges can sometimes make mistakes. Lord Denning often said that the Judge has not been born who never made a mistake. So to attribute motives to the 3 Judges, who reached identical verdicts, is in my opinion not fair, and shows unsportsmanship spirit.

I totally disapprove of Sarita Devi's behaviour of putting her own medal on Jina Park's neck. This was most improper. Even if she felt that the verdict against her was not correct, she had no business to behave in this manner, or to throw tantrums.

 I know I am in a minority of one on this issue, and may be condemned by many of my fellow Indians for being so ' unpatriotic', but that does not matter to me. As long as my conscience is clear, I have never bothered about what the hoi polloi says

What destroys Republics, and what unites it

" Bhedey ganaa vineshuhi bhinnaastu sujayaah paraih
  Tasmaat sanghyaatayegen prayateran ganaah sada "
 " Republics have been destroyed only because of internal divisions
   among its people.
   It is only when there are internal divisions among the people that
   an enemy can destroy it.
   Hence  a Republic should always try to achieve unity and good
   relations among its people "
  Bheeshma Pitamah's upadesh to Yudhishthir in Shantiparva of Mahabharata, Chapter 107/108, shloka 14.

" Palkuzhuvum paazhseyyum utpagayum
  Vendalaikku kolkurumbum illadhu nadu "
 " That alone becomes a prosperous country
    Which is free from separatist tendencies, and people
    who harm its sovereignty "
 Tirukkural by Tiruvalluvar, chapter 74, verse 5.

" Muppadhu kodi mugamudayal
  Enil maipuram ondrudayal
  Ival seppumozhi padhinetudayal
  Enil sindhanai ondrudayal "
 " This Bharatmata has 30 crore faces
    But her body is one
    She speaks eighteen languages
    But her thought is one "
 Tamil poet Subramania Bharathi, 1910

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Long Live Mary Kom !

Mary Kom has done the country proud by winning a gold medal in a boxing event in the Asian games at Incheon, Korea..
She has also delivered a strong rebuff to those vile and despicable anti-national persons ( I will not call them Indians ) who insult North East Indians by calling them 'chinks' and using other objectionable language for them.
 All Indians are one,
: Hind desh ke niwaasi, sabhi jan ek hain
  Rang, roop, bhesh, bhaasha, chahe anek hain "

A clarification

Some people have sought to infer from my recent criticism of Muslim Personal Law that I am against Muslims or Islam. This is totally incorrect. Many of my best friends are Muslims, and I respect all religions including Islam, as I have repeatedly said. I am totally secular.

In the recent calamity in Kashmir, I was the first person to stand up in support of Kashmiris who are mostly Muslims, and tried to help them in every possible way. I also criticized the atrocities on Muslims in Gaza, etc.

However, I certainly regard stoning a woman to death for adultery as barbaric, and I regard oral talaq as gross injustice and discrimination against Muslim women.

I had earlier also criticized the caste system among Hindus (see my blog, and the old Hindu law (prior to 1955) which discriminated against Hindu women. 

I am against all kinds of injustice, whether in Hindu society or Muslim society or any other society.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How a lawyer became a Judge

There was a lawyer in the Allahabad High Court whom everyone regarded as a buffoon. But he was smart enough in his own way, as he ended up becoming a High Court Judge. The story how he became a High Court Judge was disclosed to me by that Judge himself.

His family had been Congress supporters since before Independence, and this gentleman had an acquaintance with Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

One day he came to Delhi and met Mrs. Gandhi at her residence and told her ( as related to me in his own words ) : " Mataji, aap Durga devi jaisi sarvashaktishaali hain. Duniya mein koyee aisa kaam naheen hai jo aap naheen kar sakteen. Aapne ek anpadh aadmi, Gyani Zail Singh ko Bharat ka Rashtrapati bana diya, to main maanta hoon ki aap sab kuch kar sakti hain. Iske baawajood aap mujhe ek choti see cheez, High Court ka Judge, naheen bana pa rahee hain, to mujhe lagta hai ki bas Bhagwan naheen chhahta kee main High Court ka Judge banoon ".


" Mataji, you are all powerful like the Goddess Durga. There is nothing in the world that you cannot do. You made an illiterate person, Gyani Zail Singh, the President of India, so I believe that you can do anything you wish. Despite this, you are unable to make me a small thing like a High Court Judge. This only means that God does not wish me to be a High Court Judge. "

 These words so much aroused Mrs. Gandhi that she told her Secretary to inform the Allahabad High Court Chief Justice that no names for appointment of Judges in Allahabad High Court would be cleared unless this lawyer's name was first recommended.

This is the way, according to the gentleman himself ( as he recounted to me ) that he became a High Court Judge.

 Much later, and long after his retirement, he was arrested in 2005 December  by a railway vigilance team for travelling in an A.C. 2 tier berth from Allahabad to Delhi on a ticket bought on an expired complimentary card pass issued to him. It was found that the ex Judge had made extensive use of the pass, which had expired in 2001, making 46 reservations during October- November 2005 alone for travelling between Allahabad and Delhi in A.C. 2 tier berths.

Jai Ho !

Monday, 29 September 2014

At least 60% Muslims oppose Muslim Personal Law ( Shariat )

I can demonstrate that at least 60% Muslims oppose the Muslim Personal Law ( Shariat )

About 50% Muslims are women. Almost all of them are opposed to shariat. Which woman would like a damocles sword of  'talaq, talaq, talaq' ( or any other form of oral talaq ) hanging over her head ? I have personally spoken to many Muslim women, and everyone of them was strongly critical of shariat ( though many said to me that they could not say so openly for fear of offending their husbands ).

Of the remaining 50% Muslims ( the males ), at least 10% are critical of the shariat. Can any just, modern minded and fair person support such a barbaric law which prescribes stoning to death ( as was done recently in Somalia ) for adultery, or cutting off a thief's limbs ? I refuse to believe that there are no just, modern minded and fair males in the Muslim community ( even if they be in the minority ).

That proves my figure of at least 60%, and I am sure in the future it will go upto 90%

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Stoning to death

In Somalia a woman was stoned to death for secretly marrying several husbands. The woman was buried upto her neck, and then pelted with rocks and stones by hooded men in front of a large crowd. The sentence was pronounced by Islamic Court Judge Sheikh Mohammed Abu Abdullah.
 In my opinion stoning a woman to death is the work and customs of jaahils ( barbarians )


28.9.2014, 6 a.m.

I am losing perhaps one kilo weight every day during the Navratri fast. So in 9 days I will have lost 9 kilos. I am not eating meat, rice, chapati, dal, bread, biscuit, etc and instead eat fruits, baked potatoes, singhara, yoghurt, makhana, and drink milk and fruit juice ( not all at one time ).

I had become overweight, because of eating too much. Now I am again becoming slim and trim, thanks to Navratri.

To lose weight there is only one way, and that is to eat less, particularly fats and carbohydrates. So we should stop eating meat, rice, chapati, bread, biscuit, etc and instead eat fruits, baked or boiled vegetables, yoghurt, singhara, makhana, etc and drink milk and fruit juices. Exercises can contribute only to 10-15% of weight loss.

Commonsense tells us that we should eat only as much as our body requires, but we usually cannot resist cramming our stomachs with food ( pet bhar ke khana ), often far in excess of our requirement. it requires a lot of will power to resist this temptation, and few people have such will power. So we put on weight and become fat and  look ungainly, and invite a host of medical problems.

Our body is made of the food we eat. So to take care of our body we must take care of the food we eat, but do we ? A Yogi at Allahabad whom I knew ( who died at the age of 92 years ), and whom I would meet frequently, told me that sweet things are poison for the body, though they may be very tasty. But how many of us can resist eating sweets ?

To my mind fasts like Navratri, Roza, Lent, etc serve a scientific purpose by reducing the load on our stomachs and thus making us healthier. No doubt one can fast on days other than Navratri, Ramzan, etc but psychologically that is more difficult as few people have the will power to do so.