Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dr. Faust
Dr. Faust is a figure in German legend, who is also the central character in the plays of the English playwright Christopher Marlowe and the German playwright Goethe.
 Faust is a person who, for getting worldly pleasures, sells his soul to the devil.
  He is symbolic of ambitious people who surrender their moral integrity to achieve power

Why Delhiites should vote for AAP

Delhi is basically a city of shopkeepers and traders, that is, of small and middle businessmen.
 Earlier, broadly, in India the Congress used to be economically the party of big businessmen, while the Jan Sangh, which later became the BJP, was the party of small and middle businessmen in many parts of India.

  Now the Congress stands decimated, and the BJP has broadly become the party of big business  in India, or at least a section of big business whose interests it represents and promotes. The Aam Admi Party, at least in Delhi, now represents the small and middle business class.

 This being so, it is clearly in the interest of Delhiites to vote for the Aam Admi Party in the coming Delhi Assembly elections

 My impression of its leader, Arvind Kejriwal, is that though he had some defects ( he was impulsive and impatient ) he is a man of integrity, and has learnt from his mistakes, and is removing his defects. He will work for the interests of Delhiites who have been plagued with exorbitant electricity and water bills and other woes

Friday, 30 January 2015

What is wrong with some of you people ?

What is wrong with some of you people ? Can't an old man like me admire a beautiful woman ?
 By admiring a beautiful flower I am not plucking it, and by admiring a beautiful garden from a distance I am not tresspassing onto it.
 Similarly, if I admire a beautiful woman I am not misbehaving with her, or taking liberties with her.

Went for a walk in the morning.

 I was about to cross a road when I saw a big car coming down the road at high speed. The car stopped. i waved at the driver requesting him to proceed. He smiled, and waved back at me, asking me to cross the road first. Only after I had crossed the road did he move his car.

 The respect given to pedestrians in America is amazing. I have seen a whole cavalcade of high speeding cars come to a grinding halt just because a single old white haired lady was standing at a zebra crossing to cross the road. They proceeded only after she had crossed the road. Does this ever happen in India ?

 The respect given to the handicapped is also amazing. People in wheel chairs in America have special parking spaces, special toilets, etc

 In this respect we have to learn from Americans.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Subhash Chandra Bose

One cannot doubt the bravery and integrity of Subhash Chandra Bose.
 However, the truth is that he became a collaborator with the Japanese imperialists and fascists in the Second World War, and for this he has to be condemned.
 The Japanese used him as a tool for their imperialist aims, and the moment his utility was over they would have bumped him off.
 If he and his 'Azad Hind Fauj' had real independent strength, why did they surrender when the Japanese surrendered ? They should have carried on a guerilla war against the British army. This shows that without Japanese support the ' Azad Hind Fauj' was only empty gas.
 I know that many people will strongly attack me for this statement, but I am not a popularity seeker. The truth must be said, even if it makes one unpopular.

Mr. Xi's drama

President Xi Jinping of China enacted a farce by presenting a peace award to the sister of Dr. September 2014 in Delhi.
 In the 1930s and 1940s the Chinese had bravely fought against Japanese imperialism, a fight in which Dr. Kotnis gave his life.
 Today the Chinese have themselves become imperialiasts, they want to dominate other countries and capture their markets, thus destroying the indigenous industries of these countries and increasing unemployment there. Thus the Chinese of today have disgraced their ancestors, and have fallen to the lowest depths.
 The drama enacted by Mr. Xi will fool no one

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

‘The Court of Last Resort’

I have felt for quite some time that injustice is being done to a large number of people in India who have been languishing in jail either as undertrials whose cases have not been heard for several years, or who have unjustly remained incarcerated, either because:
(1) The police appear to have fabricated evidence against them, e.g. Sadhvi Pragya
(2) For want of proper legal assistance
(3) Who have had to spend many years in jail and ultimately found innocent by the court, e.g. Amir
(4) Who have already spent long periods in jail, and deserve to be released on humanitarian grounds e.g. Abdul Qadir in Hyderabad
 (5) Whose conviction appears to be on the basis of weak evidence evidence, and hence they deserve to be pardoned e.g. Devinderpal Singh Bhullar
Many of such persons in jail belong to minorities who have been accused only on suspicion and on pre-conceived notions that all persons of that community are terrorists. Whenever a bomb blast or such other terrorist event occurs, the police often is unable to trace out the real culprit, and yet it has to show that it has solved the crime. Consequently very often the police rushes to implicate and charge a large number of youths of that minority community on mere suspicion, whose bail application is very often rejected as the public prosecutor says that the accused is a terrorist. Consequently the accused have often to spend several years in jail, though many of them are ultimately found innocent found innocent by the Court.. In such matters either the police often fabricates evidence against them to justify their acts and secure conviction, or the cases result in acquittal of innocent accused persons after they have spent several years in jail. A classic case is of that of a young boy Aamir who was 17 years of age when arrested, and who spent 14 years in jail after which he was found innocent. How will these 14 years of his life be restored ?

In the 6th April 2013 issue of a national weekly there is an excellent article entitled, ‘The Fight for Muslims is fundamental for the survival of Democracy’. In this article it is stated that over the past few years  journalists of this weekly have documented hundreds of stories of innocent Muslims languishing in jail after being brutally tortured on flimsy or false charges. Each case hides hair raising stories about prejudice, incompetence and deliberate malafide, and also mentions stories of pain, destroyed lives and hollowed futures.

The weekly journal wrote that innocent Muslims have been often jailed with impunity in India over the past decade because it was easy to jail them. Within hours of any terror attack, a bunch of Muslim boys would be arrested, and their names aired in the media as ‘Masterminds’. Their guilt was assumed, it did not need to be proved.

Since 2001 a terrible maxim had seeped into the Indian mainstream: All Muslims may not be terrorist, but all terrorists are Muslims. It did not matter if you caught the wrong ones. Everyone only wanted the illusion of security and “action taken”. Those who raised hard questions were scorned as ‘anti-national’.

In my interview with Karan Thapar on ‘Devil’s Advocate’ I said that within hours of a terrorist attack in India many media channels start showing that an email or SMS has been received from ‘Indian Mujahideen’ or ‘Jaish-e-Muhammad’ or ‘Harkat-ul-Jihad’, or some other organization having a Muslim name, claiming responsibility. Now an email or SMS can be sent by any mischievous person. But by showing this on TV screens, and the next day in print, subtle message is sent that all Muslims are terrorists, and thus the entire community is demonized.

All this is triggering new cycles of hate and revenge. Despair turns citizens into perpetrators, from the hunted to the hunter. Young men who have spent long years in jail cannot find jobs or houses to rent even when acquitted, their families are ostracized, and sisters find themselves unmarriageable because their brothers have been branded as terrorists.

Unless this cycle of hate is now reversed we are heading for terrible times, for injustice breeds hatred and violence

Criminal investigation is a science, but unfortunately in our country the police usually is not trained in scientific investigation nor does it have the equipment for the same. If we read the stories of Sherlock Holmes, we see how Holmes investigates a crime by promptly going on the spot and studying the finger prints, blood stains, soil, ashes, handwriting etc. before coming to a scientific conclusion. In recent times it has been shown on Discovery Channel etc. how the American police investigates a crime. The police reach the spot and collects the traces of the material there including blood stains, fingerprints, ashes, fibres, etc. The finger prints are fed into a computer which is connected to a national computer network, which can often lead to the discovery of the criminal. The blood stains etc. are taken to a laboratory where they are tested for DNA etc. Even a few microscopic fibres can lead to the discovery of the culprit by testing them in a laboratory and thus finding out his identity.

All this is usually absent in our police set up and yet the police has to show that it has solved the crime, otherwise the investigating officer fears suspension for incompetence. Consequently  he either implicates people on suspicion or resorts to the time honoured method of torture or third degree methods to obtain a confession.

All this is leading to injustice on a large scale. I am not blaming the courts for this because they are handicapped due to the enormous burden of litigation for which cases linger on for years and years. Also, unfortunately nowadays the real eye witnesses are afraid to give evidence out of fear of threats or harassment, and hence the police often fabricates evidence.

The result of all this is that in our country gross injustice is often done to many persons, and the time has now come when this great wrong must be set right. Our country is a country of great diversity and therefore no community must be made to feel that it is being selectively victimised.

This being the situation it has been decided by a group of people headed by me to set up an organisation called ‘The Court of Last Resort’.

The concept of this idea has come from an organisation founded way back in 1948 by the eminent American criminal lawyer Erle Stanley Gardner, who later wrote the Perry Mason novels. In his book ‘The Court of Last Resort’, Erle Stanley Gardner mentions about the organisation which he set up consisting  mainly of lawyers, who took up cases of persons whom they thought  were wrongly accused or unjustly convicted. The organisation which we are starting in India will bear the same name ‘The Court of Last Resort’ and have its headquarters in New Delhi, and will have state units in all states of India. Such state units could be authorised to appoint district units.

‘The Court of Last Resort’ will have the following objects:

(1) To ask the concerned authorities in various states about details of prisoners languishing in jails, particularly those who have been in jail for long periods, including both under trials and convicts. The R.T.I. Act can be used in this connection.

(2) To examine the cases of persons, whether of our own accord, or on the representation of someone, and find out whether there has been injustice in their case, either by the delay in holding the trial, or by a wrong conviction, and do the needful in this connection, including applying for bail.

(3) To apply for pardon, respite, suspension or reduction of sentence   to the President or Governor as the case may be.

(4) To create awareness in the public about this gross injustice which is being done to a large number of people.

(5) To educate the police about this state of affairs and change its mentality.

(6) To approach the other concerned authorities with the aim of rectifying this injustice to a large section of people.

(7) To do such other acts as may be necessary for this purpose.

The organisation appeals to the like-minded people among the public, particularly to lawyers, retired judges, academicians, students, social activists, professionals, media persons, etc. to help and get associated with this enterprise

It is made clear that this is being  done for no personal benefit to any  body but purely because of a sincere desire that justice should be done to everybody, and no section of society is made to feel that it is being discriminated against.
 It is also made clear that the ' Court of Last Resort' will not really be a Court in the judicial sense but only a fact finding body whose aim will be to secure justice for all.
 To begin with, we may take up the cases of Sadhvi Pragya, Abdul Qadir and Bhullar

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Getting kicked out of China

 I have never been to China, but if I ever go there I will probably be kicked out of China within 24 hours of entering it, because I will certainly speak the truth there publicly, namely that you Chinese have become arrogant and want to dominate other countries like imperialists and capture their markets, which people like this humble self will certainly oppose.
 And this will certainly entail being kicked out of China

Kicking a Donkey

I must be the most abused person in India. Many people, particularly many mediapersons who want to raise their TRP ratings by ' mirch masala ', revel in attacking me, twisting my statements, putting words into my mouth which I never used, and other devious means. I  have been described variously as a crank, a megalomaniac, a maverick, a publicity seeker, a man with a hidden agenda, a wild man, a loose cannon, a man with a foot in mouth disease, a misogynist, a homophobe, a madman, and even a dog ( by a Chief Minister ).

 My usual response to most of these vicious, and often motivated, attacks, is to ignore them. As the great Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib said when asked why he does not respond to his critics " If a donkey kicks you, do you kick it back ? "

  However what really took the cake, and made me respond was a vicious attack on me by an anchor of a well known T.V. channel in connection with my blog ' Katrina Kaif for President of India ' ( see my blog ).

  This was written in lighter vein, as I even clarified later in another post, and in fact anyone with the slightest commonsense and even a little sense of humour would have understood that it was written in lighter vein. I would request the readers of this post to read my blog again and verify whether what I am saying is correct.

 But now see how the anchor of that  T.V. channel viciously distorts what I said and paints me as a misogynist

My views about women are well known, and are on my blogs ' On Womens' Emancipation ' , ' Rapes and other Crimes against Women ', etc which had been posted a long time back. There I had strongly argued for women's equality and womens' emancipation, and had said that the hallmark of a healthy society is the respect it shows to women. Can such a person be a misogynist or a sexist ? My judgments calling for death sentence for dowry deaths ( Satya Narain Tewari vs. State of U.P.), honour killing ( Bhagwan Das vs. State ( NCT) of Delhi), etc are available online and may be seen. I have repeatedly said that treating women as inferior is part of feudal mentality, which has to be destroyed if India is to progress.

  I may here mention that the anchor of the T.V. show, who repeatedly described my statement as ' shocking ', said several times during the show that we should give Justice Katju a chance to respond, but he never had the decency to do so. If he wanted to attack me, did journalistic ethics not require that he should also have included me in the show, or even after the show asked for my views ? Evidently journalistic ethics for some mediapersons is at a discount these days.

 I may mention that even before the T. V. show was put up in the evening, Mr. Sumit Nagpal of newsx channel had come to my residential flat in Noida in the afternoon and had taken my video interview of about 10 minutes on the subject. In that interview I clearly said that my statements about making Katrina Kaif the President of India, etc were in lighter vein.  Mr. Athar Khan never mentioned in his first show that I had earlier told Mr. Sumit Nagpal of his own T.V. channel ( newsx ) that my statements about Katrina Kaif, etc were in lighter vein. It was only in his second show, probably many days later that my interview with Sumit Nagpal was shown partially.

  The anchor called several persons during the T.V. show, who all attacked me, but I had no chance to defend myself. I do not know whether these callers were pre-selected, but certainly not one of them made the obvious remark that my statement was in lighter vein.

One lady politician said that people like me should be ignored. My reply to her is : Madam I would be quite happy to be ignored, and I have never sought publicity ( though I have sought publicity of my ideas ), but politicians would certainly be finished if they are not in the limelight constantly.

 Some of the callers said that I was mentally deranged. Well, well, such barks are not new to me. And anchors who publicize such remarks are also not new to me. Others commented on my remarks about gay relationships. I have repeatedly said in that connection that I am against criminalizing such relationships as it is one's private affair, but I certainly regard them as unnatural. Am I not entitled to express my view ? Those who attacked me claim to be supporters of freedom of speech, but they would deny me the same right. Wonderful logic !

Monday, 26 January 2015

Indo-China relations

China has accumulated about 3.5 trillion dollars foreign exchange reserves, most of them in the form of U.S. Treasury bonds.
This is a huge amount of hot money, looking for areas of investment. This inevitably makes China an aggressive, imperialistic country looking hungrily for colonies.
 So we should forget all ' Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai '  rhetoric and defend ourselves economically and militarily. The economic attack by China on India has already started, with the Chinese entry into our markets. The military attack may not be immediate, but is bound to come one day.
 I would like to make it clear that I am not against the Chinese people, the vast majority of whom are good people. But there are certain ' iron ' laws in economics, which govern the action of men. And politics is concentrated economics.